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  1. We cannot choose the type of trading that we want. We must choose the type of trading that is appropriate for our capital.Its simply my musings you can loathe it with your idea
  2. i think if you cant afford to loose on hyip you shouldn't be on market. it does not enter into any deal without being aware of what will happen
  3. Parallel choices rely upon the result of a "yes or no" suggestion, henceforth the name "double." Binary alternatives have an expiry date or potentially time if the price was in your dirction at the expiraton time. it's means you won that tarde.
  4. Taking risks is equally hard as working with a trade partner why not do it alone there are no more trustworthy people in this world the risk than you can make also loss in the forex market so just use the risk free trading just.
  5. Forex isn't scam but people are trying to use the advantage that for is complex to learn and be good at it to scam people.many unscrupulous brokers should not be involved in business
  6. Be it conservative or aggressive traders, the ability to wait is something that is very important, here waiting as a way to gain momentum with a high winning ratio, that's why forex can make us profit and loss in minutes.
  7. I would like to continue this kind of investment which does not require staying several hours a day in front of the screens as well as on the asset class under consideration.
  8. Harmonic Pattern is the strategy in whihc we will analyse the market through the various ways I plan in the current period to start taking an educational course on Harmonic models
  9. The price wants to reach the downtrend on a weekly basis. I think that once you touch the strong trend line,It's just for saying , you can dislike with your
  10. It's a really important question. I been scammed more than eight times in last few years. you will remain fraudulent throughout your life.
  11. The forex market is clearly bigger than the cryptocurrency market, if the forex market involves 5 trillion dollars in 24 trading hours,general marketing knowledge and market forecasts are enough to begin.
  12. Trying to day trade as a brand new raw novice is a bad idea because 99 percent of the time they have not done the following: Done the correct education and training. in general it will make us have to experience a lot of losses if not enough to learn from a demo account
  13. Whether it's day trading or swing trading or even scalping, has advantages and disadvantages,Needed updates and executional plan for it.So because of these factors we don't see many big names for day trading.
  14. I personally used one year's instaforex broker. This is good broker for trading of forex market So everyone who interested to forex market can used to this broker.
  15. Of course, competitions are a good opportunity to develop skills in trading, more Forex will compete and earn BTC. Thanks dear friend
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