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  1. Satoshi Nakamoto is known as bitcoin founder, but still, no one can see him. Since 2008 satoshi Nakamoto published as bitcoin founder and used his middle name satoshi for bitcoin satoshi. Back also discarded the idea that he is the father of Bitcoin and said that he did not help Satoshi create the world's first cryptocurrency, despite confirming that he was probably the first-person Satoshi talked to about Bitcoin when he sent an email Back presenting his idea. Adam Back was one of the most active users on the Cypherpunks list, with more than 700 posts.
  2. Send digital assets to your loved one! Your significant other will love it. It’s not the same as giving money plus it means that he/she will get to pick on what to spend her cryptocurrencies. Crypterium makes it possible. It’s 2020 guys, it’s time to be modern.We are only a few days away from Valentine’s Day, and like always, most of us are scouring the internet in hopes of finding the last-minute gift for their significant other.
  3. I think Bitcoin is one of the reasons why Bitcoin is so much better than all the e-payment methods in the market at present, because of all the personal identity and investment data they have and memories compared to all of usNeedless to say, in addition to cryptocurrency. for the reason that I generally depletion the air force of exchanger identical once in a blue moon here is a paypal changer. largely tolerate to be on WD to hold report that takes time too.
  4. When he created Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto deployed the first decentralized digital currency by introducing block chain. Not since the introduction of the internet had a technology promised a broader and more fundamental revolution.Many people stated by himself due to the fact Nakamoto nevertheless, regretably not enough info to assist together with your state. Nevertheless, I believe the quantity of period occurs Nakamoto might show himself/themselves in order to refurbish the down sides associated with Bitcoin.
  5. I am involved in crypto for some long time and doing trading investing for myself because its best way to have some extra money just because of this I am buying few different coins and tokens which I am buying its depend on some search.its really important we run the best coins that have posible good moves and that would really help us in speculating the market. so my focus now is litecoin. I hope I get about ten of them.
  6. No one knows because no one know he/she's identity either and it still a mystery how he/she created bitcoin and how did that person hide its identity.Bitcoin continues to be in existence however he or she wants to end up like their development, therefore is unknown such as Bitcoin as well as cryptocurrency not detectable, perhaps it’s this that is believed, Satoshi Nakamoto.
  7. i think this would be a extraordinarily first-class day for crypto to be accepted and i ruminate we before now maxim several indicators that it will be old by great countries but consequently a long way away we dont exhibit proves consequently we entirely.there are countries that allow the use of crypto as a currency, there are countries that call crypto illegal, there are countries that only recognize it as an investment asset and tax object, and so forth. Regulations that have been determined can be changed in the future according to the desires of the governments of each country.
  8. I love crypto not banks because bank not give us profit if we invest money in bank like we save some money in banks they charge so many tax and they give us low profit but if we buy the crypto coins.In my opinion, this will be optimal. In some cases, using cryptocurrency as a means of payment will be very difficult or even impossible. Therefore, do not immediately abandon the old means of payment, such as cash. Yes, and this is hardly possible.
  9. From what I know, there's not a lot of competition for these forums out there. Maybe some that are just starting out, but I'm not sure. It's like that mainly because of the fact that it's hard to keep people on any forums for a long amount of time. CryptoTalk constantly does some airdrops and is also in multiple languages. how to earn crypto currency. I like this forum very much because the crypto currency is more profitable business and people invest and store the crypto currency for profit purpose.
  10. In the event that I won 1000$ of cash it would transform myself as in it would add to my general investment funds objectives. I'd set that cash to work for me some way or another however it would unquestionably not hugy affect my life. however if i manage to get 1000 dollars then i will definitely invest 50% money to yobit exchange in order to buy coins or trading coins which has low price and will wait to increase value so that i can sell it.
  11. My biggest challenge in this forum is to understand the type of question I have to answer the question. If I gave the wrong answer, maybe my account could be banded and closed at my house, so my biggest challenge. So I still keep looking for material for me to be able to make a topic that is good but easy to digest and liked by the forum to read and give useful responses in the end.
  12. Only cold wallets can be lost because they are physical devices. Online wallets can not be lost but wallet addresses can be forgotten. You don't need to worry if you lose your wallet address, because it is your public key. When you create a BTC wallet, you will be given private keys and seed phrase by the service provider.Coins sort out not disappear, but they are nearly debarred from the financial system for the reason that they cannot be consumed. after an adequate amount of individuals take part in gone astray their wallet, hello, Bitcoin.
  13. You need money to make money. There is no way as free money, free bitcoin or free mining, no, no way. Time is the biggest profit. We know spending every second in our life means our lifetime getting even.And by success, I mean that he has a decent income that can help him cover his expenses and buy several employees for himself. However, even this requires exceptional quality and knowledge in the field of video editing, really good communication skills and perseverance. However, everything is simpler if you are fluent in English.
  14. I had also been experiencing such problems when I started making use of this forum, though it has not stopped but at least it has been reduced, there was a time I could make up to 40 post but come to.have not been full into or measured this is occurrence from gone a week. We experience to advertise at slightest 50 to 60 posts daily if a number of a deleted with bottle earn on the gone over posts.
  15. I think this is somehow not possible and one of the reasons is that the amount of community work that Bitcoin is behind is also being used as a payment.right now trading volume is also not good enough if team want to have some better feedback then surely they need to do some good work and bring some features which help this coin and its users investors then may be this could be some solid position but still not able to overtake bitcoin.
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