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  1. You've likely noticed that there are many different trading pairs on cryptocurrency exchanges. They work much the same way as using any other pairing, but you should be aware that the value could actually be much different for each pairing. That's because every pairing is essentially its own order book.
  2. The withdrawal on Yobit is very simple start by logging in using the email address and password you have registered for YoBit. Click on "Wallets" to view your funds as well as the available Bitcoins. To withdraw, select your currency from the list
  3. Yes I totally agree with you binance is the best exchange out there. Its the most secure also causes its really well known in the crypto space. I highly suggest .
  4. Coin Introduction. Bitcoin (BTC) is a consensus network that enables a new payment system and a fully digital currency. Felixo Exchange of Turkey Felixois is a crypto resource exchange platform that gives propelled administrators.
  5. Counos Exchange allows you to actively trade the most popular cryptocurrencies such as CounosCoin, CounosX, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple. Counos DEX is a world-class decentralized exchange that is run based
  6. ozinex exchange may be scam exchange i know one exchange that is currently listed on cmc bu got big scam with Ozinex exchange is SCAM .... STAY AWAY. STAY SAFE. Ozinex exchange is SCAM .
  7. Fides Exchange stands for the transparent and honest operations of a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange takes detailed statistics about Fides Exchange Exchange - Volume, Markets, Liquidity, Coins, Social Media.
  8. Yobit.net is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that unites major market players. Yobit.net always supports cooperation with the most popular world cryptocurrencies and offers the possibility to make profit at electronic money exchange transactions.
  9. The popular cryptocurrency exchange, Poloniex, has recently decided to delist on DigiByte on social media, Poloniex announced the delisting "after careful review"
  10. I don't remember the time when I joined yobit for a long time, I made money on it and I also withdraw money there. Maybe in the days to come we will do better.
  11. Yes it is possible to trade without exchange. There are several groups on Telegram or Discord where you can buy-sell. But it 's very risky. Because it has no security.
  12. The next Tier verification is required when either the trade or transaction volume reaches the current Tier limit. T1, T2 and T3 accounts will be able to send and receive transactions, create advertisements and complete buy and sell trades
  13. The #Cryptopia directions hearing has been rescheduled to February 11-14 @ Christchurch High Court. We are seeking I think everyone knows about the unfortunate accident that occurred for the exchange of Cryptopia, which is the security
  14. A margin trade is a derivative. You basically buy the exposure of a certain amount of bitcoin without having the full amount of funds to do I found out that I never tried to trade on the edge, because the actual margin trading is the last option that I will use
  15. This department serves as the face of Lynx Marketing, it coordinates and produces all materials representing the business
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