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  1. Laser remains the most popular solid wallet because the laser has been round for a long time and so far there are only a few customers who have issued the laser.
  2. The host and space are exceptionally cheap. You will be able to use the $ 5 Heitzner cloud per month for your call. Obviously this cannot be included in the expense as it should be conveniently paid each month
  3. So, you get what you wanted, Ethereum was priced at $ 300, so I guess that's not the highest price, I think it could reach $ 700.
  4. There is the most potential and the future. It is simply my guess that we have our own predictions and goals. Before the end of this year I want Bitcoin to reach 10000 reach $ This is what I want
  5. I think it's only temporary now that people are already registered. It should come back anytime
  6. OK, I did note an enhancement that could be created, this trusted browser doesn't fill up numerous tabs / widows. Is there any utility to it?
  7. We need to guarantee that consumers are not presenting dire issues beyond style because doing so is usually when you increase your education costs which can cause a nearby bank account to be created by an administrator and therefore you do not need to edit it.
  8. At the moment China is very positive about the blockchain and the crypto market, but they do not support crypto directly with the bank and I think they are trying to start their own currency and China is the most popular country so I am looking forward to the future. It is ideal for mass adoption
  9. You will not answer. I am learning and achieving every day. Crypto is a great platform for expressing my feelings and all the content. Thanks to Crypto for this opportunity.
  10. If they fully embrace the crypto and if so, what will happen to their accommodation? In the economy of others, such as our grandmother or older relatives, we must support them in teaching or using such things.
  11. Along with the classification, there were various economic and global factors and the impact of Bitcoin, and today's position in the world is different. Bitcoin is the currency of the future. Calgary Bitcoin through the cloud, the hold will become
  12. Yaah Ethereum is used Bitcoin almost everywhere but it has not changed much yet, Ethereum is a good currency
  13. Everyone has to be careful not to go to a fake site e we can earn bitcoin from various free sites. I think I have not seen any Lit site that gave free Ethereum.
  14. The Coinbase Wallet is a helpful wallet that is my favorite Wallet, however, is one of the problems with this wallet The hesitation is that this wallet is OK Change the currency
  15. I'm not suggesting because if I give a Bitcoin talk forum it takes longer to earn and this forum needs good terms and qualifications to earn and they want to work hard on mobile apps and captcha sites, but to a lesser extent, these sites work. Not a profitable job to do so I can't recommend a site.
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