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  1. Although I have more than hundred post now but I am still relatively new on crypto talk.crypto talk is informative and very educative so I get to learn more about the crypto world.
  2. Congratulation bro, I am happy for you.i hope to also have my first withdrawal soon.i am kind of new to cryptotalk so I want my earnings to get to a substance amount before withdrawing.
  3. I dont think there is a way to delete your account permanently. I don't think there is an option for that but you could log out of the site if you want.if I may ask why are you planning on deleting your account.
  4. Both are actually counted.either you creat a topic, reply to a topic or comment.They all count and you will get 1000 satoshi each for it if you have already completed your first hundred post.
  5. Crypto talk is better than any social media cause its actually beneficial because you get earnings from been active and typing.you also get to learn about the crypto world.
  6. Most Bitcoin faucets are scam and the earnings are relatively low.crypto talk is more relaible and your pay is assured.you get to know more about crypto currency with cryptotalk
  7. Crypto talk is a very nice forum and I have learnt alot on these platform.you can learn about cryto currency and also earn satoshi by posting useful topics or commenting.
  8. Its a very lovely write up and I hope everyone will follow these tips.make your post precise and easy to comprehend.no unnecessary use of vacabulary.lets all be guided.
  9. Welcome to cryptotalk but cryptotalk is a site not an app.you just need to follow the rules of cryptotalk.you need to first make free 100 post before you can start earning on crypto talk.
  10. I don't think you should ignore any post even if its a similar topic because they were asked by different people and the questions need to be answered.but we should refrain from posting the same topic twice.
  11. Bitcoin is very secure because it is encrypted and backed with a special system called blockchain.all person information are kept safe away from any spying eyes.
  12. Sure, I definitely felt confident when I got upgraded to a new level.its very refreshing and a sign that you are doing thing right and also been rewarded for it.
  13. I don't think you have anything to worry about.its a new phone so it definitely has a new IP address so I think you are safe.you only get banned when using a device with same ip address for different account.
  14. Simple,you are on the right platform if you want to learn about crypto currency.welcome to cryptotalk.you get earnings by posting or commenting.you get 100 each for a post after you must have completed your first 100 post.
  15. My main goal of joining crypto talk is to learn more about crypto currency and to earn satoshi on every post made while doing so.crypto talk helps financially and also education Wise.
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