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  1. In the same way this question arises in my mind how I get to know about reputation I m striving to know about it
  2. It's suffice to inform you that seldom internet creates problems and dillema's to connect with friends and family
  3. It's affirmative to say copy and paste is absolutely wrong act not complying with rules mean don't take interest in making more interesting. There should be optimistic source od utilization of stimulating words to grasp people attention
  4. Mistakes and negligent errors must be meticulously checked to make sure post grammar mistake free Words should be coherent to topics and could be improved by making professional practice. Words potrays the impeccable impeccable transformcy of topic and subject matter openly You should go back and check if there is any spelling error in your posts. grammatical errors which will reduce the quality of post. It only takes a few minutes to read your own post to avoid nothing wrong in it.
  5. You took the words right of my mouth incorrectly reporting could escalate the problems
  6. Its fact that cryptocurrecy is adopted in every country because it is demanded every where hence people must refer to other
  7. Notifications enables you to be aware of current scenarios about reputation points
  8. I could not have said it in any better way post must be predefined all the way while everything must explained
  9. Rather topics need to be viewed in accurate way with meticulous words and content
  10. I can envisage about things postings should be placed in proper way and unique ideas and creative words
  11. Our thoughts are parallel similarly i was thinking proliferation in reputation is quite difficult or how could it be enhanced
  12. Absolutely you are right. Statements are being posted with little unrelated topices that should be addressed
  13. It is to advise you prevent from disrespecting or humiliating others on site it will surely put you in harm
  14. I agree with you it doesn't require as much time as it is being mentioned on site. It's entirely meticulously perform .
  15. This is going to ambiguous situation if subforms are prepared. Admin must be making arrangements to consolidate the tropics
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