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  1. I didn't heard that such a kind of problem. But if it is true; I think new account banned reason is one ip address using for more account or post useless topic post, share link or code. In this situation account banned is right ways because some people don't follow this site rules and post useless topic post.
  2. If you want to try something new, maybe you can invest other coins besides altcoin such as bitcoin or ethereum. Bitcoin and ethereum when pitting coins are very popular in the world because the prices are relatively expensive. I would rather suggest you invest a small amount into the penny altcoins so that if the coins drastically have low price rate you may not lose our investments.
  3. really good to see your payment proof friend. we all trust and keep support cryptotalk always. also these proofs give us more energy to keep posting more good , constructive contents here. i hope in future more good interesting programs waiting for us....
  4. I agree to your post this is a great post for us many people jumping to this forum without knowledge it's important for every person they know about it what are the risk init an what are the drawback and what's it's positive and to know about it before you invest
  5. the best time to trade i think you can try my advices you need to see the price of coin on exchange if the price of coins on market is low , you can start your time to trade buy more if have more fund. more people use strategy time likes above hope you can try it
  6. You are right in order to get legit sites we have to make enough researches before westing our valuable times, i prefer to see some reviews on chrome there are a lots of reviews about a single site and we can see some youtube videos,but also thanks for the information.
  7. There is nothing sure about this, even the admins didn't mention anything about that, so don't be like this, and enjoy your time here, and try to make money and earn good knowledge as much as you can, but we hope that crypto talk last for ever. But it depends upon moderators and admins that what they have for us in future.
  8. No need to introduce yourself in this section or in the whole forum, this is not obligated, once you create an account here, start with rules, read them and you can begin posting and earning without any obstacles. But if you feel to have to do it you can post this type of topic on new user introduction section.
  9. You can add signature by going to your profile and setting it up, choose the parameters of your signature well cause even signatures that are not abiding by the rules can get you account deleted, so read the rules before creating. However is it necessary for the beginner? Your choose.
  10. You will get payments for both. Be careful to choose topics to participate because once the topic is deleted due to not useful and non sense, your comments will also be deducted from your counts and payments. Make sure to posts only useful topics and obey to forum rules.
  11. Yobit is the best exchanger in the world. With it we can receive payment so easy. Use some options like investbox or play dice. And always to trade our crypto. Everything is honest and a great place to make big money. if you have some earnings here in this forum from yobit, you can roll it there by doing some trading, investing and also betting, in trading you can buy some other coins using your bitcoin, you can also invest in yobit by clicking the investbox.
  12. Yobit is such an awesome platform, you can exchange sell ans buy digital currency here for safety, You are assured that your money is safe here. Also Yobit and cryptotalk both are the partners where the earning Bitcoin you can exchange in yobit for that
  13. hello my friend; everyone aims to earn lots of money by joining and learning to understand the rules of this forum, so they think trading is the most important thing for cryptocurrency because it really helps us to get big profits by following it.
  14. There no fake coins I think there coins that have lower value but that does not mean its fake does coins on the invest box are cheap coins which you can earn profit by buying then investing then on the investbox which is profitable because I have already tried them.
  15. I think this is not any kind of website that pay you free mining Bitcoin . It already scammed by some cloud mining website after upgrade my account there the instantly ban me . Used faucets as well as other kind of earning , generating 1 Bitcoin is not an a easy work you need a lot of hard work for it . Or use safely cloud mining sites for this job.
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