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  1. If Ethereum reaches the price of just $ 2500 this year, that's a big improvement for Ethereum. If you say $ 8,000 it is still very difficult to put that number in 2020, but in 2021 it could have happened.
  2. The Crypto currency can save economic crisis for a lot of countries all over the world we see with Venezuela was lunch her own Crypto Petro and reward all citizen of Venezuela with it , i see that in some news yesterday And all countries who are against United States use Crypto to be out of financial problems like Iran and other countries
  3. Bitcoin is the most open financial system to date. You can make payments with Bitcoins 24/7 all over the world, even where there’s no banking system.International money transfers with Bitcoins can be faster and cheaper than with traditional banking and services.
  4. since 2018 i working on crypto market. i got faced rally loss in two year but now i understand the mechanism of this market.
  5. Growth of Bitcoin price between 2010-2013 was dramatic and never seen before on any asset. This was the time where you had 10.000 BTC with value of 10$ in your wallet and next year their value was a million. These returns won't be a thing again. You have to risk a large amount of money in order to become rich.
  6. How You Can Evade Taxes The tax comes to the door of a house and bears your nameBitcoin will only be just a payment method available and will not be an alternative to your personality
  7. Yes, what do you say? I, who as a student, was greatly helped by being here. Because when I attend classes I can't work while working but with Crypto I can work at any time. And I'm happy to be here.
  8. In my opinion, two more such waves of a jump in bitcoin prices should happen, but Halving is ahead, and what to do about it? Everyone wants to buy bitcoin at a low price. But I think that the price in the future is $ 8,600.
  9. I think we have passed the deep-price after the 2017 bubble and maybe 2020 is the beginning of the bull run
  10. To succeed in cryptocurrencies you must be addicted to them and look at all the new happen on them and this makes you always readyAnd to be a good analyst in trading and investmentAnd plan accurately
  11. I definitely spent more time on cryptotalk and enjoy reading posts and comment that are helping me to understand issues I was confused about. I think that the rest social media like Twitter and Youtube are full of misinformation and people shilling their positions. I don't take any advice especially not from Twitter.
  12. Some believe the government has supernatural powers like SupermanIt can deter and eliminate cryptocurrenciesBut it is impossible and will continue to deal with Bitcoin even if it is rejected by the workerBecause there are pirates, drug dealers and criminals who will use it anywayIt's like John Wick and the currency they are dealing with
  13. I think to avoid using using public Wi-Fi to protect your cryptocurrencies you need two mobiles one is for others things other will be private and just using your privacy data internet to connect to your wallets....etc
  14. I don't think so. I think it is impossible. Because every country of the world don't legalized cryptocurrency. Also many people little bit afraid about cryptocurrency. That's why crypto can't be replace of national currency at this situation.
  15. Yes, that's right, I have a friend who collected a lot of bitcoin with a good deal, in Stratis coin that he bought from a low price and sold it in 10 $, all you have to do is choose the strong currency and only.
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