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  1. If you are looking for a real investment site then I would say that you can do good exchange through Yobit Investment, because I know that the real investment site is that you can earn good money and invest through Yobit, you can rely heavily on this investment. And you can work with attention, make the best of them They don't work as well as food, so you can definitely put those investment coins at Eobit.
  2. The disadvantage of using Paypal is that in my country there was an abuse of its policy of protection to the buyer where they canceled and after a month they claimed and ended up withholding your funds and limiting your account, that is why Bitcoin won more space and its Irreversible transaction condition keeps you at the forefront.
  3. I think yes we are in early stages of Crypto industry will we see more developments and many surprises in our life regarding we must hold some Crypto currencies to see what will happen next and may be we will be millionaire in next 10 or 20 years Who know what's coming next
  4. All key of success is have to keep patience.some wants to get rich here as soon as possible that's they post some irrelevant topics.for posting these comments their accounts get we should post careful and useful.we will get success by this process.
  5. I realize that following trading signals from Youtubers or group trading is a mistake. Because following their signal I lost when trading, this is a valuable lesson for me. To get profit from trading is better if we learn to analyze the market itself, from knowledge that can be obtained from books or reading trading strategies on the internet.
  6. Well I spend most time here, but from next month onwards I have to do other things because of ongoing work as stopped. Everyone has different type of problems so we can't expect everything is perfect for us. By joining this forums I am thought my life would change, but my hopes were losing here too.
  7. If you mean withdrawing from yobit you first need to make 100 posts in order to start earning. Then you should connect your cryptotalk account to your yobit account. After you do that and make some posts you can withdraw your earnings by simply clicking on the withdraw button in your yobit wallet. You must then enter the address to which you want to send these funds to. And that's it.
  8. Of course I really want it if there is a crypto atmosphere that can be directly exchanged to fiat or from bitcoin to various coins and vice versa, this is very easy for me especially when near to my home, happy.
  9. Thank you for your information, and we must be careful of hackers, and we must know how to avoid hacker attacks. Hopefully your experience can be useful for all cryptotalk members
  10. You will legit or not after receive payment, simple explanation. Many people use indicator. public opinion and research to get true information about paying or not but until now there's no method like that. just go finish the task and find another to increase your payment.
  11. Blockchain wallet seems to me the safest because blockchain security has not been heard in blockchain hacking so far and I have been using blockchain e wallet for a long time so I have no problem so far I am commenting you can also use blockchain.
  12. My friend introduced crypto to me last 2018, around may and since then I have achieved many things out of it. One I learn many online business like trading, bounty airdrop, etc more over what I have achieved in crypto is more that what I have been working for in my office for one year.
  13. Expectations for 2020 hopefully all coins can pump, especially bitcoin. If my bitcoin pump, yakij, altcoin, will follow it. Considering many people have sold their coins to celebrate new year hahaha. Just wait for February and keep your hold coins never selling cheap or below the price when we buy it.
  14. Welcome my friend to this beautiful forum.If you are beginners on crypto you can work free project.You can join some bounty and giveaway to earn free money.You can also start your first earning from this forum
  15. There are very less number of people who know about crypto in my country, even people who use smart phone and internet don't know about cryptocurrency. People get information about crpto generally from youtube or social media because till now main stream media do not take charge to aware people about cryptocurrency.
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