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    hold because the price is going down and there a time for trading i think it's not for now I'm talking about Bitcoin
  2. XRP till the end of this month and go long before the Swell Conference. There is high hope among XRP traders that it will again have that conference pump.
  3. currencies only so you define strategies and percentages of profits and in any case have controlled losses since the market sometimes moves quickly
  4. trading can make you rich, if u have rules and system for trading but yeess dont forget you must have balance for trading too. And u you must learn about risk management
  5. very important but you have to be patient for something good or you may lose your mind if you do not have the patience or you may lose.
  6. bitcoin value will keep increasing in value, the benefits of using bitcoin is getting clearer to so many people and they are getting into it.
  7. It's no problem if you lose this day because the price will not stay at a low price. The price will start to increase, and at that time, you will see how much profit you will make from trading.
  8. I prefer to manually control my trades and not rely on a computer to do it for me. This is also why I think longer term trading is better than day trading.
  9. consistent information that will teach not only the basics of trading, but also professional slang, so that every word is clear to a beginner.
  10. trading I try to avoid getting a lot of red in my account I lost about 40% of my investment and that makes me to always check the market before trading
  11. affects the prices of all currencies traded on a daily basis. You should to know the price of bitcoin for greater profit from the good trading
  12. because it increases the amount of bitcoin that you invest safely and leave until the price rises again and sells to profit because trading at this time will not be profitable.
  13. digital currency.As the worlgmd is becoming digital everyday,so there should be some digital currency just like crypto.So in future it may become the most popular currency.
  14. my wallet with some particular coins so that I can get some good profit out of it.beside this I would say I am not so lucky to have it
  15. invest from anywhere. And obtain income when we want as long as we make favorable investments and intelligent movements.
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