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  1. Yes you point out really important topic, because cryptocurrency with zero or very little trading volume means very little buyer those exchange. So we should aware that kind of exchange or coin.
  2. My advice is not to share any link because if you share any link you can get a warning point, so why you share any link in this forum but you can add forum signature as your wish.
  3. I not have a any idea that yobit have fake coin because I not search any unknown coin in the yobit exchange. Yobit is a good exchange and I dont think yobit keep fake coin to their exchange. You point out good topic how can I identity fake coin using coinmarket cap. Thanks for your info.
  4. You are 100% right patience play vital role in our life and crypto sector need this patience badly. Because when we invest in crypto coin our heart is beating and we have to be patience those time when price fall.
  5. Yes you say right tips for the beginner should try this tips to find new topic. I also do this thing to find new content in every category. So every newbie should read this post and apply this tips.
  6. Per day you can give maximum 9 or 10 reaction in a day. So watchful about giving reaction and don't give reaction randomly because you might get warning point if you give randomly like to post.
  7. I will not invest my earning free satoshi because trading need a lot money or lot of satoshi to do it. My plan is accumulated my monthly earning free satoshi then I will invest my bitcoin in trading.
  8. Your first task is read the forum rules and you have to follow the rules all the way. Then first you have to reach 100 useful post after that your earning will start every useful post you will get 1000 satoshi and everyday you can earn maximum 30k satoshi. Your all earning accumulated at yobit exchange.
  9. Yes this post is really effective we know how frustrating to deleted our post. I think you point out all the information about how to solve post deleted problem. If we post forum rules wise then our post will be alive.
  10. If you want to good reputation then you have to share good informative post and give constructive message to others post, if you did this thing you will get lots of love react. I hope you are understand what I am saying.
  11. I think that site will be capcha site and those site pay very little amount satoshi or usd. So don't go anyway and any site, work here everyday and you will earn 30,000 satoshi which price is good like 3 usd almost.
  12. I not understand your topic, are you trying to say block or delete your post, then everyday some post are getting deleted because of spam comment or useless post. So post useful topic and comment.
  13. I not see any notification that yobit sign up is off, maybe this is server problem because everyday lot of people are joining this cryptotalk and yobit exchange but they not say that they are not able to register yobit exchange. So tell your friend that wait for the server recover himself.
  14. This post is really good for the Paypal holder and also crypto lover. Now we can buy bitcoin from our paypal account. Buying bitcoin becoming very easy, I think in future it will be more easy to buy bitcoin.
  15. I am not a full member in this forum and currently my rank is just member in this forum. I dont think full member will get a extra benefit from this forum. I think it's a forum level who post or comment more they will get the level. This is really easy question dear, if you want to notification then you have to do enable button green then you will get all the notification to your comment reply. But I am not interest to get my comment reply.
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