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  1. Yes you are right some people do fade up or unhappy when cryptocurrency price decreasing but when price increase they are very happy. I am not those kind people belong them because it's a natural thing some day crypto will give profit but some day crypto will give loss.
  2. I am very much new in this forum and very new in crypto world. At the moment I am learning cryptocurrency and I want to invest my in the future. I am now understand how profitable crypto can be, so I plan invest my money in ranked in the market and I will hold it for a long time.
  3. My advice is research personally in the coinmarket and saw the rank coin chart in the market, I think you will found your coin then you can invest your 500 usd but choose small coin in the market.
  4. I have no idea about Air coin but I have a advice that don't invest in new coin like Air coin. We should invest in ranked coin in the market and ranked coin have a great future. So research Air coin and if you found any good new than invest Air coin.
  5. Yes you are right, if we take right decision in right time we can collect profit selling coin in right time. So we have to our mind fresh and have to research coin in the market.
  6. I participate some Airdrop and bounty but all are useless coin that's why I am holding my token, when coin price go high I will be sold my Airdrop coin and collect money. I will give one advice don't participate Airdrop project.
  7. Hey mate, My favourite coin is BNB coin because it's a Binance exchange coin and I saw lo review that BNB coin will give lot of profit in the future, so if anyone want to invest crypto coin than invest in BNB coin.
  8. You mentioned right coin dear because you mentioned top ranked coin like ETH, LTC, BTC but I want to add one and those name is BNB coin because this coin have a great chance to give huge profit in this future.
  9. I am agree your opinion ripple coin become stable coin but there is not change in the ripple coin in the last two year, price are decreasing day by day. Now question is when ripple coin bull run will start.
  10. Prediction bitcoin price is very difficult but many expert predict that bitcoin price can go 12-20k usd in the end of the year but I not sure bitcoin price can go high such this. I think all will be happy if Bitcoin price go 16k in this year.
  11. ETH holder will be very happy because ETH coin price up double in one month, price go 140 usd to 280 usd but now ETH price decreasing but ETH price will go high because market are going in the high mood. I have few usd in ETH coin in my wallet.
  12. Woh, really great stat dear, I think small coin invest is more profitable than high price coin price. I have a plan to invest in small coin in the future but at the moment I am learning about trading in this forum.
  13. I not invest in ripple coin because in last year I not see any movement of the ripple coin, so ripple will not be profitable coin to invest, now ripple coin price is 0.23 cent which is very low.
  14. Hey dear, thanks for your information, really informative post because most of the user facing deleting problem and point out good topic, yes comment twice in same topic will be deleted our comment. So we should avoid comment twice in one post.
  15. I not understand very well in investment box but reading lot of post and comment from others is this profitable to invest money in investment box? I heard it's a risky job to do, so what should I do now dear all friend.
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