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  1. i think yobit is the best wallet in the digital market. it is also a great exchange. yobit is a well secure site. it aware us from every scam by send us a mail. i like only yobit. but the problem is of account and balance. my amount is not going to my wallet. please solve this problem.
  2. yeah dear i thing this is a good option for youtube to change its payment currency. and if we talk about google, i think google accepts bitcoin and i also think, for google there is no matter bitcoin is legal or not.
  3. cryptotalk is a great platform to introduce cryptocurrency. i was a beginner. and i had no knowledge about cryptotalk and about digital market. but now i have to much knowledge about cryptocurrency. this is only because of cryptotalk.
  4. 0.02 sounds bad. i do not want to read news for a small price. in my opinion its wast of time. crypto is the best platform which gives us a smart earning.
  5. technology is very fast. its on its peek. if we talk about super bitcoin its not so shocking if creators create super bitcoin. because technology is so fast and successful from our thinking's
  6. Yes you are right. We should fight to save our crypto. This is not government's responsibility to protect cryptocurrency because they are not the controllers of crypto. We should have to protect our crypto because cryptocurrency is our decision. We are all the maker of crypto.
  7. Bkash wallet is not belongs to cryptotalk. This wallet is only valid in Bangladesh not in other countries. Try to only talk about cryptotalk and about cryptocurrency. Because the name of this site is crypto talk.
  8. Haha. Funny topic. Listen brother hackers has no heart in their chest. They thinks, thay are god and they can do anything. But god is almighty. They have to pay for it what they done.
  9. I think reference link is not allowed in cryptotalk. If this was allowed. It was must be mentioned in rules. I think so this is illegal in cryptotalk.
  10. You can only prevent from scamms and hacker's if you have better and safe wallet. Try to use antivirus. Antivirus can protect you from hackers i heard about it. And try to use better browser such as chrome
  11. Fatir

    Wasting BTC

    Yeah you are right. When peoples die their bitcoins also die with them. They should have to develop recovery system. I mean when an account is not in use from 6 month. They should have to recover bitcoins from this account by recovery method.
  12. You should have to trade by your mind. Many peoples in chat box mislead you and misguide you about trading and about prices of coins. So be careful friends.
  13. If you asking from me than my answer is toward the bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular and successful cryptocurrency. Crypto is got success not only in some countries but in all over the world.
  14. I agree with my brother al shamoun. I also think that there is no more extra money. The only way to get more extra money or profit is only trading.
  15. Bitcoin is now required everywhere. Every country knows about bitcoin and its value. But the main problem is, bitcoin is banned in some countries. Every country wants to launch its own currency but i think no one accept its own countries currency. Peoples like only bitcoin and other cryptocurrency.
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