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  1. i am not a litecoin holder or user. i am only using bitcoin. i dont know even how to use litecoin or by which way. i heard only about bitcoin by my friends because i am new in crypto.
  2. i do not know about this feature of yobit. i am also a yobit user but i did not do or see this type of buttons on yobit. but if there is a cancellation button to stop transaction than its a great feature of yobit.
  3. i register my brothers account 2 days ago but i did not see such kind of problem there. but may be this is happening with peoples. please dont worry about this. yobit is a responsible site.
  4. 1 BTC in a week, its impossible. crypto giving us 30,000 satoshi which is equal to approximately 3 dollars. but if we want to invest in crypto than we need a very big amount of money to earn 1 BTC.
  5. Fatir

    Phantom wallets

    thanks to inform us brother. this is a really great help for newbies like me. i am new here and dont know anything, what kind of scams are doing here. these kind of posts are saving us and our money.
  6. this is depends on you dear. short term holding is less beneficial and long term holding is more beneficial than the short term holding. but in long term holding you need to be patient and you have to face many things like prices up and down.
  7. i am from pakistan. pakistan is a small country. and the population of pakistan is may be 22 crore. in pakistan there are not a large number of population of educated peoples. peoples need to understand and write english in crypto. thats why crypto is not so famous in pakistan.
  8. crypto wants its popularty that,s why there is a option of share. i also saw that option there. i think this is a link and we can share this link on Facebook, twitter, and some other social media sites.
  9. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. it was launch in 2009. this was first crypto digital currency which can be exchanges by another currency. in 10 years bitcoin got too much popularity. this is a great sign of success of bitcoin.
  10. i can understand your feelings my friend. but this is not like Facebook and twitter on which you can like their comments. there we can do just useful posts and comments. but there is a option of heart on right bottom corner. i think this is for like comment.
  11. if crypto is completely adopted by each and every country than absolutely crypto is our future. if this is going to happen than crypto definitely can makes our future and we can do anything what we want from crypto.
  12. in my opinion dont go on another wallet. create account only on those wallet which are discuss on cryptotalk website. crypto members can only tell us which wallet is safe and useful.
  13. there is no comparison between bitcoin and ethereum. bitcoin is a successful and a famous cryptocurrency but ethereum is in upgrading process. i dont think so that ethereum can reaches to bitcoin in next 5 years.
  14. this is actually a big news for cryptocurrency users. blockchain wallet built in software in samesung phone oo woow. this is a great appreciation of samesung. nothing is good and safe than the built in software blockchain.
  15. hello dear. safety is in your hand. and its depends totally on you dear. but the things you have to notices that not to tell somebody your email or passwords. and dont go anywhere by leaving your old and trustful site.
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