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  1. I mostly spent my free time on cryptotalk making post on them and read information about cryptocurrency on cryptotalk. Also watch some YouTube channel providing usefull news about cryptocurrency
  2. Hacker perform different methods to steel information about our account and wallet. If we want to safe from hacker we should not click on spam links and mails or sites which are malicious code and harm full to us
  3. Bitcoins prices are not dependent on any event like Christmas or new years its depend on demand value if demand is higher the pricce is alao high if demand is low price is also low
  4. World moves to digitization. It is possible that every one know cryptocurrency. If this happen and world move to a one centerlized currency this is good for economy
  5. Bitcoins transaction speed is two fast. You can transfer bitcoins even in bit of seconds. Its faster then online money transfer. Also faat then atm transactions
  6. No its wrong term there is not any cryptocurrency bank in the world. Cryptocurrency are different combinations of numbers which have some values and store in wallet not in bank
  7. I am new and not have a proper understanding of cryptocurrency projects if some one knows abouts cryptocurrency project then share with us
  8. Cryptotalk cannot give payment directly first you make yobit account and transfor bitcoins to dollars and then in yours desired currency
  9. A greate platform to provide proper information about scams and how to prevent from scams and fraud. Provide information about new methods of scams on internet
  10. I think in present time there is no competitor of cryptotalk in market. There is no such a site like cryptotalk which gives us payment on pay by post.
  11. Yes yiu say true hackers are everywhere nit in cryptocurrency also in whole digital world they stole information of people and make them hacked
  12. I think cryptocurrency safty is depend on wallet which they are use some wallet are fake and not give any coins to their account holder. Many wallets have good reputation and give benefits to their account holder
  13. Fake projects are tensions for every investor's so thay are all woried about it. They are afraid to lost their investment due to invest in thats projects
  14. May be is good for world economy. There is no concept of black money in cryptocurrency. If all countries use cryptocurrency then smagller caught easily
  15. No youtube is not still pay any one in cryptocurrency. May be in future youtube gives payments in cryptocurrency likes bitcoins or etherium.
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