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  1. Yes...you are all right... cryptocurrency is a most popular currency for trading and investment and by using it...we can earn a good amount of profit...and crypto is playing a vital role in solving unemployment problem...so it is a financial weapon..I think..
  2. I'm always ready to buy Bitcoin. Because the price of bitcoin can drop at any moment then if I buy bitcoin then I can sell bitcoin later. Holding Bitcoin can make more profit. Bitcoin prices will increase further in the future......I think...
  3. Yes,we can earn money by investment in crypto...and we can earn a good amount of money by crypto investment...and we should use cryptocurrency in these investment....and crypto investment is being popular day by day..
  4. I think it is quite true.... cryptocurrency will replace all currency in future. ...and it will be used for international transaction in almost all countries and it will replace all national currency....so I think this thinking maybe true but I am not sure..
  5. By avoiding scammers and hackers and by keeping secured wallet key from them..we can keep it secured and following some awareness such as not to use public WiFi and avoid clicking unknown links etc....
  6. In order to convert or withdraw money to another currency I use yobit exchanger...and yobit exchanger is a most popular exchanger...it is easy to use and we can convert any kind of currency by yobit exchanger....I like it very much..
  7. I don't surely know about it... people are now use yobit exchanger for withdraw and exchanging currency...but if this don't stays....then we cannot convert it in other currency that leads to we cannot use it in daily purcha
  8. Cryptocurrency is being more popular day by day and it's demand is increasing in the bussiness market...and people are trusting in it so much that they are using it for trading and investment...so I think cryptocurrency future will be very bright...
  9. Cryptocurrency popularity is increasing at a high rate and it has gained people's trust...it is the most used in trading and investment than the other currencies...so I think it may be the winner of 2020....but I am not sure about this matter..
  10. I expected that in the world market crypto talk will do a wonderful job though crypto currency is not well improved at world market but very soon it will be happened....and it will enrich more....and be more popular..
  11. Good idea is investment and trading to earn by crypto or you can earn by writing contents on cryptotalk forum...and you will be given sathoshi which you can withdraw by yobit exchanger or convert it to another currency....
  12. Yes.. you're right because public WiFi is a open trap given by hackers and scammers...and there any one can be trapped...and the hackers steal people's assets and wallet key by it...so we must should be careful about it..
  13. My first online wallet is Blockchain.. Blockchain is a wallet operated by crypto and there I can store my cryptocurrency and it is secured wallet..and easy to use...and digitalized wallet...I like blockchain most..
  14. Among the many advantages of cryptocurrency..there are some disadvantages of cryptocurrency..... cryptocurrency price is not stable in the bussiness market..so it price can be increase or decrease at any time...so if you invest there stays a chance of cutting loss....
  15. Yes cryptocurrency is being most popular to people and they are loving cryptocurrency so much and most of the people use cryptocurrency for investment and trading...and it became very popular to them....so I think cryptocurrency will replace other currencies in near future...
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