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  1. crypto currency's future is very good and bright perhaps Bitcoin is banned in some countries. I think in future and they will realise the mistakes they have done and Bitcoin will be legal everywhere.
  2. Major reason of deleting your posts is that your comments are involved in spam. That's very bad for you. Be honest write fair and useful comments which can help all members. In this way your all posts will be involved.
  3. Yobit is a great example of two factor authentication. It is a crypto currency trading and transaction website. It has two factor authentication which secures your money. And it's easy to use.
  4. Now Binance and Yobit are the best for global.and one big exchanged we have Indodax in my country indodax is the largest buying and selling company for digital assets in Asia.
  5. Yes of course the future of cryptocurrency is bright. I think Cryptocurrency will never be stopped. Crypto is the future of our money.
  6. Crypto wallet is a relaxed virtual pockets used for send and acquire digital foreign money like BTC. Most money have an official wallet. Cryptocurrency wallets are different from daily use wallets in pocket, crypto wallets like Blockchain.
  7. My plan for this bitcoin that I earn from here is to invest all of it in a new coin and make a lot of profit in the future. I know this is a very risky plan but if you don't take the risk you are never going to win.
  8. I think you can try binance or yobit, they are both great exchanges. Cause this two wallet is trustful. Good luck my friend and thank you for sharing it.
  9. I think a hard password did not hacked by hacker. First give a strong password and did not click another link.Hacker make to some way of hacking. So we need to check and recheck accounts us.
  10. Bitcoin already make their strong community. So if the altcoin have same feature or the best feature than Bitcoin. It will also not make the difference. Because every coin have their fans. So if you want take their fans you need so much money to waste.
  11. The very first bitcoin wallet I used was Xapo. It was very convenient to use. However I transferred to Coinpayments after that as it can also hold other coins.
  12. If the government will play a vital role with the aims of developing this forum. I think it will start with immediate effect in their promotion so we should always engage government in our transaction.
  13. Afnan016

    Trading Tips

    Trading is an active style of participating in the financial markets that seeks to outperform traditional buy and holding investing, rather than trying to profit from long term uptrends in the market, trades look for short-term price moves to profit in both rising and falling markets.
  14. I think crypto is good in the future or for the future. Because i always look in a brighter side and i can't see anything bad or errors in crypto, i see crypto as a big help to others to earn money in easy way.
  15. You can make profit and become rich but you should also be ready for loosing anything at any moment because there is risk contains before you become great.
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