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  1. Farooque

    Missing date

    I think you create your 6 posts with useless content. Thats why may be your posts was deleted by moderators. Spam posts are never count for payment.
  2. Those topics are totally spam and we have to report spam topics. Moderators have to see those kind of repeated topics and do something about those topics and they not repeat again.
  3. Yes i am also facing same problem but the thing is kindly they informed us and tell us about why our posts are deleted from this forum without get any warning point.
  4. If we see any topic as you are talking about then we have to request moderators to locked or delete this topic. If those topic are our own creation then we easily delete our topics from this forum.
  5. Yes if you gave a negative reaction to spammer then those spammers gave you negative reaction back but i didn't understand one thing if we gave negative reaction to any one on their useless and spam post then moderator send warning point to spammers or not.
  6. Yes this forum gave us great opportunity to learn here new things of crypto world. We also contributing in this forum by doing valuable and knowledgeable posts.
  7. Yes they have to understand first about this forum then they have to start posting in this forum. After get warning point and they do appeal for their warning point.
  8. May be they left this forum because of there job and other things of life. May be they are working with us in this forum and we don't know those are top 10 members.
  9. I agree with you and i also see many shit topics and posts in this forum. I also see their profiles and i found mostly members are newly added to in this forum and they don't know how to post and how to create great content posts.
  10. We want one more section for newbie members and they have to allow to complete your 100 posts in this one section then they do less spam in other sections may be thats a good idea.
  11. This forum is crypto talk why you are questioning about bitcoin talk. If you have to do post in this section then do posts under the rules. Bitcoin talk is now end their campaign.
  12. Thats really good idea but if administration of this forum update this feature of paying then many new members reach in this forum because of new paying system.
  13. This forum is still running since from many months before and i not yet heard about any signature campaign will start in this forum. I have an question what benefits of signature campaigns?
  14. We have to create great quality of posts means with great knowledge , great writting and great content mixture of these three things called great quality of posts.
  15. Congractulation of your first payment of crypto talk. I also recieve my first payment before some days and i am very happy to earn here because i never see this type of earning and learning platform.
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