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  1. In which country make legal crypto currency in those country litecoin is legal as well as crypto coin,. On the other hand crypto currency is illegal in those country litecoin is illegal.
  2. I am very new in crypto world. I am connected with crypto since january 2020. Someone will laugh on my this speech. But it is true that i join in crypto in this year.
  3. Obviously we need to hold cyrpto in our wallet unless its price grow up. If we can hold in our wallet then the price grow up very rapidly. So we need to do this.
  4. If everyone knows about crypto and they understand the advantages of the crypto they will join in cypto world. As a result crypto market will be very big and crypto price will increse.
  5. What a great news for crypto users. I didn't know about this before . For the first time i can know about this from your post. I hope that will be very popular in near future. Thank you so much for sharing this news.
  6. You can convert your bitcoin to usd coin. That may be good for you. Because usd coin withdraw fee is too low. You have to check it out. Thank you.
  7. I think mining is a very low class idea. Because when we start mining we need to give heavy time but mining pay us very little. Another fact is while we mine then a fall a great pressure on our device. So always avoid this.
  8. I am a student. I work for some money in crypto currency site. I hope it is a great chance to make some money by part time job by crypto is very good . I will do this in my whole life.
  9. It is causing to waste our valuable time. When the rest between two post was only 2 minutes that was the best for us. But the rest 4 minutes is boring for us. I hope the authority take into consideration.
  10. Cryptotalk.org is a revolution for crypto currency market. I hope it will be remember forever as idol for crypto currency. There is no another site which pay us like this site. So there is no doubt that it is really tragedic for us.
  11. People sometimes becomes so much greedy. At a result they loss their valuable money. We need to control ourselves otherwise we will be fall in great trouble..
  12. I think crypto is against gold. It's work better than gold. I also think that it is nearly same to the diamond. We can measure it by its value.
  13. Pinned post is guideline for all user if he is new comers than it is mandatory to read. Even it is written rules for all users of this forum. So we need to read it at least once.
  14. Yobit is a exchanger site you can exchange any kind of currency to another currency just within few moment. Also you can trade here and can invest here. So check it out
  15. I have heard about this crypto currency for many times. I have decided to buy some ripple for holding purposes. I hope its price will grow very soon.
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