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  1. If you are working in the crypto world then there are alot of chances that you will become successful and and get your finances right and will be successful
  2. Yes i hope that 2020 has become the year of success for us all and we flourish with time in crypto world and bitcoin becomes the most used currency in the world
  3. I didnot know about it this new wallet and i don't know how it works but i hope that it's good and useful for thr people and beneficial for them in the future
  4. Most probably this is the year in which crypto will go viral and will take over all other currencies and will flourish with time and will continue benefit people
  5. This is very great news and i am very happy for you everyone deserves to be appreciated for their work and get paid because this is how trading world works
  6. Since cryptocurrency caeffectn actively destroy any country's fiat currency that is regulated by banks, and of course we know that banks don't like crypto because of its volatile nature, I think that every government in different countries just wants to protect their p
  7. If anyone is facing any problem then you should contact call centers of this forum and discuss your problems with them which you are facing in your work
  8. I spend almost 3 to 4 hours a day in this forum and it almost depends on that how much you concentrate on your work while on this forum
  9. We should fight scammers because they are getting out of hands and interrupting other people work by their negligence and they should be wiped
  10. Bitcoin value is increasing day by day because people are getting aware of digital currency and its benefits in the long run and everyone should try to invest in it
  11. I have never played this game but i have heard alot about it and i will soon install it in my sytem and will play because i guess it's the most interresting game that have caught people's attention
  12. You are right and one should not act greedy when it comes to investing money in crypto and everyone should try to follow the protocols and be on line
  13. You can't delete your account by yourself but still if you want to delete it then contact your coordinator hand him over the ID and get rid of it
  14. I haven't got your problem properly can anyone please explain it to me so i can better understand it and try to figure out her problem which she is facing
  15. I try to be patient with people most of the time and i give them alot of chances to get better but if they still don't understand then i try to teach them a lesson
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