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  1. I had came about the bitcoin of a thing as at the time while I was still in secondary from one of my ex highschool mate that was a crypto currency lover and till date he has already made a lot of money from it already and that I am happy that I will also make a good amount of fortune from it too especially from this free money that I am earning in this forum
  2. Bitcoin was the first online crypto wallet that I had created ever since the time that I got into the use of crypto currency then gradually as I was introduced into the crypto currency airdrops, I have to create an erc20 wallet , and that was the time that I had downloaded the ImToken and later as time passes, I changed to Metamask but now I am using trust wallet for airdrops
  3. It is good to follow the footsteps of all other successful people in regards to the use of all the things available in the use of crypto currency to the most benefit of it and stop been doing the greediness of a thing because it at times makes others not to also want to share vital and useful information with you too and that will really be a bad effect on you
  4. Really I have been seeing this your post for more than five times and did not bother to even read it and I will just skip it but today I had nothing of such in mind to skip it today so I was calm to read and I understand it so I am really so glad that I could give the option of ignoring away now that I do not want to be missing such good information again
  5. It is useful in the sense there is not good job opportunities for people in their various country but in the use of crypto currency people are able to easily come up with decent and good business proposals that are giving good amount of returns to them since their participation into it and therefore is making them be able to work from home and earn legitimately
  6. hisiaka23

    Crypto future

    Crypto future is something that has already been decided by the member been involved in the use of crypto currency, because is already believe to be influenced by the buying and selling of it in pressure so if the people should stop buying and selling it then the crypto would collapse but that is not going to happen because even the government tried to stop it but was not successful
  7. It is still not fast a speed of sending message though but your suggestion could still somehow be useful in the sense that we can add the transfer description while using the description box during the process and that alone is like bringing up a conversation between the sender and receiver which definitely is causing good and fast transaction
  8. I personally believe in that because presently I am making a reasonable amount of money even more than what most government workers are yet to be earning because it is just a normal thing that I am seeing the good benefit of crypto currency and I am making good use of it without and doubt of delaying in the use of it and also still learning from it too
  9. The best earning idea that so far is paying best in the world of crypto currency is not just one, and they are the participating of airdrops and campaigns and also the investment of crypto coins, but the most that could be giving the most profit is the investment part and also from the investment the one that deals with arbitraging is the best
  10. This recent increase in the price of most of the crypto currency was mostly because of the increase in bitcoin and that is automatic to affect or influence the rise in the value of many other alt coins like the ethereum, litecoin, dashcoin and others to be influenced too, so the main reason for the increase in the price of bitcoin was the recent speculation that of the bitcoin halving happening soon
  11. That is just a fantasy because the popularity of bitcoin is getting bigger everyday and such reasoning of yours is only not going to work but also make you slow down as you will be in doubt to some open offers that you are supposed to get in to and make as much money as you can and get out but you will be out of it because of your doubt for bitcoin already
  12. Because firstly they would not be able to freely embezzle large amount of money that they would not be caught, in as much as the transaction would be open and transparent to everyone through the blockchain and also they do not just want to do things that will be of benefit to the citizen because they really enjoy making people suffer
  13. The money I am making on here in the forum is good than for me to stay too long in social media, although social media is good in terms of learning some new online business platforms and also it allows to interact with relative and friends that afar from us that is why I will spend some time here and then go back to spend the rest in social media
  14. Unlike the fiat currency that is been influence at time by the news of some political or political happenings and thereby making the fiat currency price to be manipulated by such factors, the crypto currency value is only influenced by the crypto community through the buying and selling of crypto currency in the pressure and that will determine the price
  15. Now, ever since the time that I joined crypto talk forum I am now actively using the yobit exchange everyday and also it is making my perfect account to be active too in the sense that I am able to earn free bitcoin, of course real money and sent to my perfect money and the withdrawal fees is very cheap which is making me to enjoy using it till date
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