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  1. Yess of course you can exchange you bitcoin which coins you earn from crypto aite those coons you exchange from yobit to another site.there are so many exchangers sites are have you can exchange there
  2. Twitter is one of the best and biggest plafrom for crypto news and hope share. This is the very good social media . I think Twitter need his coin . And this coin is very potential . Because Twitter is genuine and his coin is genuine. This reason I think Twitter coin create need it.
  3. Cryptocurrency is the wonderful legal working side in the world it is a very good working side this is a many other mans choice full side it is a money making side so i remember cryptocurrencies future is good.
  4. Ive been here since 2017. My friends told me about crypto and i can earn money here. After reading some article and threads, i start to join in bounties campaign. I what to learn more about trading. Hopefully very soon i try how to trade if i have some knowlegde.
  5. for me i contemplate TRON has in progress functioning on its identifiable blockchain and it has been civilizing forever since and they assert the superlative and the highest transaction i say still see
  6. Investing is always in high-risk action that cant handle this kind of situation to all and it needs a hard mind. So, this reason I can suggest storing cryptocurrencies you will get more benefits especially in this period where bitcoin low price. Of course It's.. Beacuse without investing any money and you are getting maney each and every day. It’s not a simple thing.. No biday xan guve you money without Work.... But cryptocurrency is givineing money each and every day.
  7. More and more companies are using blockchain technology to feeds their needs. In the future every companies should be using the bitcoin technology.
  8. I have also noticed that the market price of Bitcoin has risen higher in recent times. I think the market value of bitcoin will rise in the months ahead, and we can make a profit
  9. I think it's complicated to create or build cryptocurrencies on your own. It takes a lot of knowledge and learning about the code on the computer and you have to be influential so that you can succeed developing cryptocurrency.
  10. it is the same thing. ethereum is the coin itself whereas ether is the symbol or unit value which represents ethereum. it is the same for bitcoin and btc
  11. For me, i won't exchange my currency into fiat currency I will wait for electricity because I'm holding top level coin so they won't fall me in lose if I hold for long time.
  12. As this the main thing to find the best project as also for the trading we have to make good trading if the project is the good that will be beneficial.
  13. If the Bot is doing trading, the system is likely to be a bug in some of the trades that we do. Hopefully we are not trapped in a bot like this.
  14. You can be addicted in Crypto world lime trading, check wallet every time and the likes. Trading addiction is very bad and dangerous.
  15. Well i have been a victim of these scamming trick once, a website gave me a nice offer for investment at first they ask for deposit and after depositing they blocked my account and spammed me.
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