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  1. I think its not possible for now but if any one of you know away for doing this so please tell us
  2. Assad997

    Crypto future

    In my opinion crypto will be the future coin It is the very good future planning for people and this is the right time for people to invest in ,you must go through news and sites to have the knowledge about crypto
  3. For me it will go to the person who you have give him your details because it is for me the simplest solution since that can be made by a simple actions like enter the password
  4. For me is going to yobit exchange and get the free coins and exchange it to bitcoin no capital and share link of refferal by that you earn a bitcoin everyday
  5. If you mean to invest with a large amount of money,so you can invest but only if are sure this site isnt scame.
  6. I think cryptocurrency is an internet exchange which we can call it like digital moneymy first time I heard about it from my a friend about year ago.
  7. Now a days people becoming more interested in crybto and bitcoin so i think more countries will accepted it very soon
  8. We cant say how many years it can still becausr no one of us know what will happen in the future
  9. Yes i love cryptocurrency because i think that spending time here can earn a good amount of money
  10. I think it really depends on the way that we think because betcoin is agood money conroller
  11. I dont know any thing about this wallet please someone tell me about it
  12. I think the fourth tybe of wallets is the safest one
  13. Assad997

    Wallet Privacy

    I think online wallets dont give you alot of securety but the hardwere wallets are more safe
  14. I like ledger nano the most because hardwere wallets are more secure
  15. Hello from this side of the world i really think that blockchain is very good and safe and i prefere to use coinbase too
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