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  1. I think the best crypto currency is bitcoins. Bitcoins frist currency. And most valuable currency is bitcoins.
  2. Crypto currency future will be bright next 5 years.Next 5 years I hope all countries accepted crypto currency and crypto currency will able to development to him.
  3. Yes you are right things.Crypto currency development yobit is big process to this. Yobit exchange accounts is best in crypto currency.
  4. Yes I am expecting crypto currency coming soon a new projects for us.That will be more powrfull more than now.
  5. No I did not invest any currency in my life.So I don tell you about this.But I know bitcoins is very kind and trusted coins.But if anybody lose their money it's mean they are invest in fakeke sites.
  6. May be,,, it is true, it is abvious that somethings is doing badly. But if anyone buy bitcoins I think he will be a big gainet in 2020.
  7. I think the biggest demarit is instability of crypto pricice.The inability is main issue in crypto currency.
  8. I think bitcoins is the best wallet in crypto currency.Because bitcoons frist currency and it is most of most popular currency. 99% peoples want frist bitcoins than others coins.
  9. Crypto currency not money it is 100% true.Because cryptp currency can doing make money they don't money..
  10. 12 hours spend crypto currency I am in.I jond crypto currency without others place not go.
  11. Investment in bitcoins every month and earns profits every day and be rich.It is well system to rich.
  12. I will investment in ethereum coins others than bitcoins. Ethereum price at this thime very low and it is trading time you will got big amount.
  13. Yeah,, you are right to saying that crypto currency is a financial weapons. It is very urgently need and willl be brightly our future. If we do hard work than all profit goes on our financial sides.
  14. Your dichitions I like,,, because small investment oney day yet will big investment . So best of luck for your little investment system.
  15. Yobit exchange is well works may be that's rasons most of peoples use it.I have no yobit exchange wallet so I don't know meaj I have no personal experience.
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