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  1. There is a little chance of being hack. I think if your account get hacked you can easily recover your account. You can use your email address to get code and after that you can secure your account with a new password.
  2. Everyone want to success in his life and it will need some process to success in cryptocurrency. Fast of all you need to have knowledge and skills for the financial market.
  3. I think the future of cryptocurrency will not survived all crypto-currencies there are must some of coins to be dead. Bitcoin is the largest and valuable in cryptocurrency.
  4. I think cryptocurrency helps me to earn money but It’s only as an additional income. Maybe it can happen as long as someone starts the crypto concept. But it is very risky. So i think it is a good part time job for me.
  5. I think there will be a new event in 2020. Status of bitcoin will be more best as at this is also very best. Many predictions says that bitcoin will explode at the end of 2020. As bitcoin is going up to up so it is hopping that 2020 will be much best.
  6. Yes your reasons are right. I think It's try to get this done before you buy it for sell in market but the bircoin rise on the top pump. The price of bitcoin are dropped for wars of publicity in china against cryptocurrency. Also i think that price is falling down because of approaching holiday.
  7. Yes, i aggreed with that. One can be rich in crypto no matter how much you are earning everyday in crypto if you are not smart or wise you can never be rich in crypto. We must have to knowledge when jump in to crypto
  8. I think cryptocurrency will win when it’s Comes to earning profit because it is easyer to gain though the use of crypto and it will make you rich. No country will replace their flat not now and not in the future.
  9. Rubiya

    Btc Or Gold

    In Between btc and gold i will prefer bitcoin. I think it is better than gold. I will choose the btc because it is one of the valuable and digital coin in coming years. It will more expensive than. So i think it is better.
  10. I personally think that it is a better to buy and hold in market place. If we see that crypto or bitcoin go on the dip dicline it is good time to buy. Because bitcoin can easily increase It's price. Nice way to save money.
  11. The best way of earning in crypto currency is buy and hold cryptocurrencies that pay you dividends. There are some many cryptocurrencies that pay you a great fair share just for holding them.
  12. I never buy gold with bitcoin. Maximum time gold price is standing in a stable position. Gold is not comparable with bit coin. Because bitcoin will overtake gold in volume and price.
  13. I think it is a matter about how much i invest in that trade. If invest in crypto it follows that i would visit prices four to five time in a day. You must concentrated its value more than other coins.
  14. A friend reffered to me about this website and said that in this website they will pay for repling to comment. This site allow you to make an after successfully making 100 useful comment. In comment you have to give right information about it.
  15. Crypto talk is much better than any other social media platforms. You should use social media to some extent it is good but you should also give time in crypto because you can earn here by simply posting comment.
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