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  1. It would be a shame for such a big company to make fake/unsure promises, they said themselves it will be released in the middle of this year.
  2. If it is that so eligible then why does it not accepting crypto yet, what's with the delay? i mean come on, it has been 10 years.
  3. Trading education is different, if you are dedicated yourself to trading, you never stop learning.
  4. WOW, how did i miss that!!!!! i never knew XRP nce took the position of second and surpass ether??????
  5. So which is which, you said the virus real affected the crypto market and then you said it caseedc panic, or you mean both?
  6. Not legal and at the same time not illegal, you can say that government doesn't regulate it nor ban it yet.
  7. It would be like a dream never again have to carry cash wherever you go or your tax eating debit card, but it is just a dream and will be for a long time before it come true.
  8. It is selfish of us to think like that, we need to think bigger, crypto is still volatile without people been ruled by emotions.
  9. The whole market have been directly touched by the pandemic, bit i think crypto market cannot be affected because things like this affects economy of the county and economy of the country is not vested in crypto.
  10. How soon can we expect for that to happen, hasn't it been to many year already?
  11. The population/demand doesn't not matter much with too big odf supply on a coin, between XRP and Ether, which one is higher supply?
  12. It is not a big problem??? man this is a very big problem, bitcoin had fallen 50% and people need to sell to meet their daily needs.
  13. You call it opportunity?? i call it a disaster, it would have been better of markets always moves as we expect it to.
  14. That is a good point, so it was not a direct impacts, just a collateral damage, that is somehow good news, isn't it?
  15. It is those problems that makes bitcoin price act like a bubble, so it is a bubble somehow.
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