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  1. That is mor likely but do you think apart from the good crypto bring us, all the worse are covered?
  2. It's not healthy to, but peoppe are not restinf becuse lif is touch and expensive, stuffs must be attended and they are costly.
  3. It's gotta be real huge, but me I don't have that much to go through the trouble of keeping them in hardware wallets.
  4. Knowledge is what is needed but it needs these courses, the ones we are discussing in this topic. But also we need certiication of these courses, so we can apply jobs on blockchain industry.
  5. We can collect all we want but holding for the future it is not easy, better just do daily trading to cover everyday life expenses.
  6. But when comes to trading, I think crypto trading would replace stock trading market.
  7. I do have Bitcoin account, so what next to do after I have that.
  8. I agree that, I myself would not be living comfortably if it was not for crypto, but i would like to expand myself with more knowledge.
  9. It is first time I hear there was ever a faucet that required KYC, it is ridiculous.
  10. Not everybody can acquire the knowledge needed on crypto currency, learning is not easy and you need that knowledge to be a better crypto earner.
  11. Did you start earning online before you knew crypto or after you knew crypto?
  12. What specifically should I get learning then, I can't just go around touching any material concerned with crypto.
  13. I have a question, does technical analysis something you follow or something you do yourself/myself?
  14. I doubt the part where you say crypto trading is easier, because I guarantee you that it is not.
  15. Manipulation of Bitcoin price is only good for the manipulator, but what is canektik?
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