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  1. Yes of course you can do this You can add more comments or replies to your own posts this There are no rules about this so don't worry about it you can work with many tie easily.
  2. There are many cryptocurrency trading platforms available, but you have to choose the best platform. You can go to the Coin MarketCap site and scroll down to find an option for down exchanger rankings.
  3. If you are wrong to transmit crypto or send cryptocurrency to wallet addict, you will no longer be able to get back cryptocurrency any Be careful before sending any crypto currency so there is no problem with your horizon and your horizons are correct.
  4. Thanks for sharing the good idea from scammers to keep our Eobit Exchanger safe. Be aware of everyone from scammers. Don't click on any links you can get offers from Jovit. Scammers open fake mail for fraudulent members so we need to stay away from them
  5. We all are know bitcoin price up down on marke. Then trading pepole stay holding ther coin. For price up. And always pending this
  6. I don't know so much, I believe this our country have a so many people cryptocurrency for money.that most of them are owned by large exchange and most crypto coins
  7. I love crypto.. I come hear for earn. When i complete my post, i stay and watch every one post for learning my make my knowledge mor storeng.
  8. I Don't know to mach this wallet.all are talking about this app. I think this wallet good on marke, faster trusted and secured. I try this app today, i hope thes wallet suprised me.
  9. etheram has replacement bitcoin.it’s alsonot hapend now,naxt coming 20-30year if look at markat right now, you will see that the market in complet.
  10. There are plenty of cryptocurrency wallets available. I suggest you use Coinbase Wallet to save your cryptocurrency. This is one of the best protected wallets.
  11. If CryptoTalk stopped paying us, it would be very sad news for all of us. We need to find another place to make money ry Free Bitcoin is the best platform for earning money. With this we can earn money.
  12. If you make a mistake compared to investing, you will lose money invest Make no small mistake in investing fore Before investing you need to do research. And I need to be careful about this
  13. Airdrops are not a viable option for earning cryptocurrency এটি It's my own opinion Most people have also said that it can make a little extra income.
  14. But I think cryptocurrency trading is the best option for trading cryptocurrency trading is safer and more profitable. You can easily trade cryptocurrency with you and it is much easier to tie and earn a lot of money.
  15. If you are faced with the limitation of post count, you cannot post any time after 24 hours. You have to wait for a period of time. After 24 hours, you can post here again. You must follow this rule.
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