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  1. I think we should not posts duplicate topics.It may harm our account. If Crypto things that you are posting one post again and again then they can banned your account.And then you can't use your account. Soi think no one should post on duplicate topics.
  2. Yes,i also think that bitcoin is tge king of crypto currency. Because it is very popular and the value of it’s is also high.And the payment of posts are get by the bitcoin. And we can only our money of posts by it.So i think bitcoin is the king of crypto currency.
  3. Bitcoin wallet is the best wallet in the world.It is the most famous and popular wallet all over the world.People are using it and it is very useful and helpful for us.We are using it and we are satisfied with it.And I also used it before and I love it.Bitcoin wallet is the best wallet in the world.
  4. Yes,I also think that Crypto can solve the unemployment disaster. It is very good for the people who don't have any work.Those who can't earn there livelihood they can earn money by Crypto talk.And it is very good for them.By Crypto talk any country can solve the disaster of unemployment. And it is very good for every country in the world.
  5. Actually most of the country don't accept Crypto currency. They think they are not good.But if the government knows about the benefits of cyroto currency then they will not do it.They will accept Crypto currency. And then it will be good for the user of cyrpto currency.
  6. For trading you need much money.If youwant to trade and if you want to earn by ttraining then you have invest much money here.And then you will be get a profit by it.And by these profit you can use them.But you can trade a little money if you want to trade.But you will not get a profit by it.
  7. Yes I think bitcoin will replace real money.And it will be possible very soon.Bitcoin is coin which can be used all over the world.And if it is in real money then it will very good for the people of all over the world.And then people can use money any county. And I hope bitcoin will in real money in future.
  8. I heard about the bitcoin from one of my brother. He tell me about it.Then I learn about it.And I also learn how to earn bitcoin.And I think bitcoin is the most popular coin in the world.I learn about it and I also use them.I think they. Are very good and I love bitcoin.
  9. Actually I don't have any knowledge about coin casso.I never work there before. So I can't tell you about it correctly. If I know about it correctly then I will definitely tell you about it.As I don't have any idea about it I will not tell you about it.
  10. There are many Crypto currency wallet all over the world.But I like the coinbaee and blockchain wallet most.Because I use them before and I feel good with them.They are very useful and helpful.And I satisfied with there quality. So I love most the coinbase wallet and blockchain wallet.
  11. I think the best lightning wallet is coinbase wallet and blockchain wallet.Because these are wallets are very popular and famous all over the world.And I also used them and I like them.And they are very useful and trustable. So I think the best lighting wallets are coinbase and blockchian wallet.
  12. I think Crypto writing and trading both are good.You can earn by them.They are very helpful and useful.But if you trade correctly and if you know about trade.Then you can earrn more money than Crypto writing.And you can earns lot of profit by trading.So I think trading is more better than Crypto writing.
  13. For not getting your post deleted you have to post correctly. You have to post meaningful things.You should use any words what is not go with the rule of Crypto talk.And also have to posts more 100 carrecters.And if you do these things then you post will not be deleted.
  14. Actually I never seen any bank who are using Crypto currency. I don't think there are any bank who use Crypto currency. If it is available then is will be very good for us.And I think people will be very helpful by it who are using Crypto currencies.
  15. To avoid scrammers we have to learn about them.We have to learn about the traps that they use for scramm.and we also should be very careful about it.And we should not use any link what you don't know about that.And you also have to use anti scammers to stop scram.
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