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  1. Many leading exchanges support staking, so finding a secure stacking platform is not a big deal. With staking interest rates of 4-6% / year as you mentioned, it is not ideal to stacking with short-term investors, because a currency can fluctuate several times that number in a day. But for those long-term investors, holders are a good opportunity as they keep their money with interest.
  2. Prices fall is not always bad for the world of digital currencies, even if prices go down will be good enough for those who want to invest because if you go down investors can buy large amounts of coins so that when prices go up they benefit quite a lot but there are some coins that do not have regrowth so there are no more enthusiasts.
  3. IEO is now good only for a quick listing. ICO investors are afraid of a long freeze of tokens. After all, some teams may not flip their coins on the stock exchange for years coming up with various excuses
  4. There is no difference between them, only IEO may guarantee project may not a scam but it doesn't guarantee project will succeed and price will not fallen down. If the project is good it will success and price will increase by the time whatever it is ICO or IEO
  5. I think IEO is good alternative to ICO that partly resolves scam or just bad projects problem. In IEO case exchanges make some projects check-up and guarantee listings. I hope this kind of fundraising will be developing.
  6. There are many projects which performs even without strong backup or support. To continue the project is not a big deal, but to keep it alive is what matters. If they got enough support to continue then definitely they will, and drop out of a partner is not a solid reason to stop the project.
  7. ICO and IEO both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but I see IEO better than ICO because the developers are directly selling tokens to Exchange and investors will be more confident they can directly buy the tokens in the market.
  8. Truth be told, both IEO and ICO are basically just the same thing with common goal, but done in a not so different way. Scam IEO exists just like scam ICO did.
  9. Yes because many people have made a consideration that IEO is better then ICO project. And ithink that is right because through an IEO the investors have a comfortable feeling when they spent money to invest in it.
  10. Most of the IEO's are actually well designed scams. IEO's are bascially ICO's but with the liquidity from the exchanges. Now i am not saying there are not good projects out there but there are a ton who are already investigated for scaming people.
  11. Everyone can make a project or crypto, but do you have clear and tangible goals? The most difficult thing is to market products, team cohesiveness and of course fundraising requires very real trust from investor. What area do you want to focus on, I want to suggest for the energy field. In order to be very useful for the future.
  12. No, not save if you can't buy a hardware wallet, just download a desktop wallet for each cryptocurrenies in you bag i think its safer than others wallet, but, you must always back up your wallet my friend
  13. Scammers are everywhere, including the AIRDROPS. they tried to do an airdrop on a bad exchange. or maybe they made their own exchanges with trade manipulation. still be careful.
  14. DOGE is not much of a top notch alt to trade, it's just one if those pump and dump shitcoins out there. Reaching 30 sats after sometime now is really something to be happy about especially if you had bought the dip.
  15. If BTC dominance would continue to increase, I do not believe that altcoins will ever raise from ashes. But we need another bullish movement and as we all know, on some day we would reach a point where investors would move their capital into altcoins.
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