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  1. Don't worry my friend i was also facing this problem yesterday but after sometime it solves it is very common mistake these days because of traffic is also coming which could be reason
  2. Yes i think that it is very useful for student because in cryptocurrency student can earn their pocket money it is bot possible anywhere on the internet
  3. That's good i know i made a huge lose in my last when i was trading i lose a lot of money because i could not be able to control my emotion
  4. I think you can post more than 30 but unfortunately you can't get paid for more than 30 post as per their criteria but you can write as much as you can
  5. I hate this because most of us use cryptocurrency or bitcoin for fast transaction but unfortunately it takes more than half of an hour which is very annoyed
  6. Nowadays huge project are coming in the market but most of them getting failed because there is a huge competition in the market
  7. My purpose to joining this forum is just earn money because i was finding a way where can i earn some free cryptocurrency or bitcoin the i finally found this one
  8. Yes it is true many cryptocurrency doubler are just scam they are not working properly their website is not opening they want to take away our money
  9. Absolutely it is new member are coming in this industry they are making investment of thousand dollars but none is sure about future
  10. Best mining apps for Android is available thousands but most of them do not pays or very less pays like penny but electroneum is genuine app for mining
  11. To create unique post you should have some knowledge about cryptocurrency or bitcoin then you will be able to create good post or content
  12. Don't worry about that it's not a happening for the first time it's very minor problem it will be solve in some hours i also facing this problem
  13. As far as i know you will absolutely get banned for doing this because it is against of their rules and if you do that you will get banned
  14. These days a huge number of website coming in the market bull All of them are scams or they pay very low amount of bitcoin or cryptocurrency
  15. As far as i know you are absolutely correct because as i think bitcoin rose because of coronavirus so i think it is preparing for go down in coming months or before halving
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