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  1. Predicting the price of the BTC is not easy because btc is not static but dynamic
  2. In every thing that human being engaged in, human need advice so as to ensure it last longer. Pertaining to BTC one need to keep it safe and secure and prevent it from hackers
  3. Hmm, what a topic but do you know that something easy doesn't come at a platter of gold
  4. Crypto has a very bright future because it gain it popularity day in day out which makes alot of people want to try it out.
  5. At times, ETH rise above bitcoin in the market volume but it has never been able to dethrone bitcoin in price and market cap. Although ETH is more functional than bitcoin at times and can be used for developing new altcoins but I don't think it can overcome bitcoin easily.
  6. The level at which bitcoin has spread in the world today can never be underestimated not to talk of what will happen in 5 years to come
  7. As far as BTC is concern, there are two season for it 1 the season of high price 2 The season of low price The best time to buy BTC is when the prices is low and the time to sell is when the prices are high
  8. As many as possible but the only advice to those who are just getting into crypto currency is that they should focus on one or two in order to avoid confusion
  9. Why not,as long as crypto currency fetch me some money and have never for once regret being one among those that are benefiting from it
  10. Crypto is really deep even more than a see because of its complexity and proper attention is required
  11. I am a daily trader, if the price of bitcoin goes up and down am always aware and most time I buy bitcoin to trade when the price go down, and depending on the market situation when it goes up high every day
  12. Yobit is mostly preferable to exchange assets, because it is safe and doesn't require kyc, the transaction costs are also cheap, the volume is also quite very high
  13. To be a good trader,take every opportunity you see,use a demo account to practice how to trade, learn from forums, sites and practice how to trade with small capital in exchange.
  14. Doing arbitrage trading may not be easy to access because withdrawal might not be easy
  15. This is a simple task and as well as had task because to become a successful trader you need to take a very high risk bro
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