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  1. Jill Carson is co-founder of the Open Money Initiative, a non-profit research organization working to guarantee the right to a free and open financial system, and co-host of the What Grinds My Gears podcast. She also works as an advisor and consultant for startups including Algorand, Risk Labs, dYdX, CoinList, and Tezos. Why hasn’t cryptocurrency gone mainstream? “It doesn’t scale.” “It’s slow.” “It’s expensive.” “It’s volatile.” “It’s hard to use.” Or maybe it was never supposed to go mainstream. This is not to say cryptocurrency is any less important, meaningful, or useful. Rather, I think perhaps we have been judging cryptocurrencies’ success (or lack thereof) according to a false metric. We would not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. By design, cryptocurrency does not solve mainstream problems. Scale, speed, and cost are all examples of mainstream problems within finance, from main street to Wall Street. Credit card networks go down. Stock trades take days to clear. Wire transfers are expensive. In some situations, cryptocurrencies may offer marginal improvements on any of these issues, but more often blockchain-based systems will fail when compared to more conventional, centralized solutions. This does not represent a design flaw. In fact, this is an intentional trade off. Decentralized systems forsake scale, speed, and cost in favor of one key There is no law in real currency it's really fake if you see deep in side the economic system you will discover a lot of shit thing that manipulate money all over this, Crypto currency is coming to broke this to be clear and without any manipulation that's why.
  2. A question arises in my mind that if a person lost his Bitcoin wallet, he would not be able to return it again, so how much Bitcoin was lost for this reason, and it cannot be used again. Given that this currency lacks any tangible physical presence, unlike other monetary currencies that are controlled by banking banking institutions, bitcoin is not controlled by specific persons or entities other than its users.It is not that easy to know the Private key so as to the decentralized wallets.. The sites you are talking about are just guessing regular passwords and not for decentralization wallets. I have not heard of.
  3. Yes friend you write in future there will be no Fiat currency I believe so. This Cryptocurrency will rule the world. As world is growing in terms of digitalization so people prefer digital currency instead of Fiat currency. Current holders of Bitcoin and other crypto assets will get more benefits As days goes by, the technology are upgrading that soon there will be a technology that can support crypto in the future. Crypto is very strong that it has possibility to overtake some local currencies in Crypto world will be big in the future in my opinion. Where everyone will start using crypto currencies as a legal payment system in the end. And people are also getting used to making exchanges and working.
  4. There are some betting website which give you a bonus but firstly you have to deposit some amount in particular cryptocurrency like bitcoin or ethereum than only you will get bonus. But betting site is too much risky if you had good knowledge than only bet on that kind of website some website are and nitrogensports if you want to try The casino website that gives you a free bonus, most scam websites Apart from this, their terms and conditions are also very strict. Even if you earn profits then it is very difficult to withdraw it I would advise you to use the website and gambling on it. I play the game there and generate.
  5. Let's give an example with Bitcoins. To be able to earn enough money to be able to actually quit your job from profiting from cryptocurrencies, first you should have a buttload full of it, how you obtain it doesn't matter. And second, if a bull run comes and you were able to sell your Bitcoin holdings at the highest price possible. This is what happened to 2017. Some people got rich and quit their normal jobs because of it. Today, you still need your job to be able to buy Bitcoins (in addition to your daily financial needs, of course). Earning through trading in exchanges takes time and patience, and nobody really knows when the exact time of a Bitcoin bull run will come. Until the time comes when you get to benefit hugely fro If you want to quit your job you must have a large amount of investment to rely on for the future. It is possible to earn decent money with crypto trading if you invest big money but do you trust on an extremely volatile market? You may even earn much more with crypto than your normal job but your job is always there if you need money but crypto market doesn't care about its investors! It only behaves as it likes and plays with people's money! If I were you, I would keep a fixed income with my job and focus on cryptocurrencies to increase my earnings. If you quit your job, you will regret it. A fixed job will give.
  6. As we all know in crypto market many currency is availabe but i research it then i found every 3rd day new currency is coming in market. Why they are doing like that then need just money and scam the people , their must a rule for that but nay way i still confused which coin is really runs for long time or scam like other coin. Still i have doubts in exchange bcz i lost lot of fund in cryptopiya exchange that one is olden exchange and my first in crypto market , So anyone kinldy to be honest, what I think is bounty. so when the crypto market does not improve and the bounty industry disappears, soon many people will disappear from this industry. because bounty is the most beneficial ecosystem in the crypto world.
  7. Bitcoin isn't yet on that level of impact on nations yet rather its financial impacts are felt on the level of people. Jobless mothers, abroad specialists, jobless people, understudies and numerous more have begun to acquire online employments due to bitcoin. Around there we can state that a few nations the neediness rate have decreased not on a major scale but rather on a little scale. In any case, despite the fact that this possibly just felt by somewhere in the range of few, it is as yet an think it is possible for cryptocurrency to bring us a better economy in the future. But sometimes, not really. Because people with a lot of money only keeps it and doesn't give it out to the economy. And so, the rich gets richer and the poor get poorer.It's good for the economic condition of a country because more the population of a country is involved it means more the economic condition.
  8. Learning how to earn additional income can make debt payment much faster than if you did not make additional income. There was a mistake. I realized that the only way I was quick to repay my debt was through my extra streams of revenue. Extra Most of the members here .. have entered because of this smart promotional campaign from the forum .. in addition to being a source to earn a good income from the money. He also brought together all those interested in this field to benefit each other Most of the members here .. have entered because of this smart promotional campaign from the forum .. in addition to being a source to earn a good income from the money. He also brought together all those interested in this field to benefit each other.
  9. was thinking can we the regular or small time crypto traders and crypto users can help to increase the price of bitcoin and alt coins? Do you know some way to increase it with our own way. I thing we need all the info to help the rise of price of bitcoin because all of us can be benefited when it's price rises. For me the only thing I know that I can do is to introduce bitcoin to my friends and to other people. Because I believe that if we increase the user of bitcoin it will help to increase it's price. That is why I always invite people to try crypto currencies and to have crypto assets. Please correct me if I am wrong and please suggest a way that can help so that the readers from this thread can do it to help us increase the value The increasing of cryptocurrencies prices this is confirmed by the traders of that coin. Where by coin price is increased if the buyer accepting to buy the coin in high price, and also the price of coin is decreased if the seller is accepting to sell the.
  10. Whoa didn't expect it will break $6400 level but if the predicition was true it's really good time to get some bitcoin i think, I really place big hope on upcoming bitcoin halving to make bullish market Basing trades off "tradition" is such a poor strategy. If you base things off tradition might as well not trade because old people never did trade on the stock market anyway. The new age of bitcoin and crypto is here and is making waves because of all the benefits it brings to the financial system. bitcoin or crypto market is not a constant market. It will be up and down every second. In future bitcoin will go more than $50000. If you love to taking risk you can buy and hold it. In future you will be very.
  11. am writing you directly from Italy and I can tell you with extreme certainty that it is not necessary to declare to the State, or to the Inland Revenue, how many Bitcoins they possess. However the theme is delicate, complex, and in some ways still controversial. Therefore it is necessary to make some clarity and specify all the various cases. Let's start by saying that for businesses Bitcoins should be considered as foreign currency. So although there is no specific need to declare how many you have, you must however declare all the operations carried out exactly as you do for those that take place in other currencies. In fact, capital gains are taxed, but they are paid only at the time they are guess that is good for cryptocurrency because at least people will search for the other option to solve that problem. If they can find that they can get the solution by using cryptocurrency, I think they will change from using euros to using cryptocurrency. And that will about the time before we can see that in Italy it will allow their people to use crypto. Or maybe there will be a crisis that might happen in Italy, but the government is not telling its citizens about that, and they still silent. Let's wait for the next announcement from the Italy government,
  12. Do not expect that you will become millionaires in a short time!! Do you think crypto traders are the richest people on earth? Do you have a picture of you sitting on a mountain of dollars, have you dreamed of a Lamborghini and a luxury villa? The currency market is like any other financial market and everyone should develop a logical plan and strategy in the long term. Dreaming of doubling times in one trade may be Well don't dream about finding a rich quick in the crypto world, the crypto market is the same as the fiat money market that is rising so don't expect to get rich just quickly. You must have the right and.
  13. Cryptocurrency It is an investment and as we know that it does not need a great effort or daily work or a specific place in order to run and use it and this is what makes it distinctive and it receives great popularity because it provides complete freedom Fortunately there are several of them! for example, I can conduct my business privately without the need to consult with anyone; I can also make and make payments with or without any institution or individual! These reasons are so important, they There are many advantages to investing in cryptocurrency, whether it is your time or money, depending on how much you give and what you want to get from it. In fact, it was found that investing in cryptocurrency is a good way to find financial stability, and basically everyone is interested in this. There are several other benefits.
  14. We all are facing a problem for 5 days due to airdrop of Yobit. It is really a good opportunity. But new members are making account and they come and make a post which is totally against to the rules. I continuously reporting them. But daily I am facing up to 10. What do you think it is only due to new airdrop or there is more reason behind it. And what Hello my friendPerhaps, many beginners do not yet understand the rules of the forum well, or they want to write a topic as an indication of their abilities and capabilities, but they are not fluent in the appropriate idea.Here they resort to copying the idea of a topic not facing this problem if some peoples spamming maybe addmins ban them after sometimes some.
  15. Yes you cannot buy a card without the help of crypto currency and bitcoin, if you want to buy a google card then you must get the help of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, without their help you Hello, I want to buy a Google Play card through payeer or bitcoin, but I do not know how does anyone know a method or site that I can buy from help me please. General Chat Chat LoungYes it is true that you cannot buycards without crypto Yes it is true that you cannot buy a card without crypto currency and Bitcoin help, if you want to buy a Google card you must get cryptocurrency and Bitcoin help, you cannot buy a Google card without.
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