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  1. Hello @Desais my account is disabled from cryptotalk campaign, its ok but where is our earned btc that was unable to send to Balance at yobit..?? its not justice. we need our balance back then disable us,
  2. In my country there is no low for Bitcoin to see how much transaction we can make, And i think in each country they give you the exact number because no one can know where we can buy of sell Bitcoin
  3. storing your bitcoin is profitable this time because present time bitcoin do well and in long term bitcoin touch his high then you do investment or anything
  4. I suggest first reading some tutorial websites like and learning how the market works and the various investments available in crypto
  5. I use it for a long time it turns out they are not bad and I'm kind of used to it, but indeed the display for mobile yobit must improve
  6. There are several actions that I take to protect my coins from running out or missing in example Save coins in a wallet Trusted, don't keep coins on exchanges for too long, be careful choosing ICO projects etc
  7. litecoin, I trade it every day and I already get to earn more than $ 100 a week on it, I think if you buy it now or in early March, you can make a good profit
  8. The security that I need and the second is volume, if trades have great volume yet their trades are not protected at all I toss my cash at them and Customer administration can be said to be a significant factor
  9. The right time to buy cryptocurrency is when prices fall if possible at the lowest base price, so it is very likely to benefit in a short time
  10. I favor this increase due to the rise of Bitcoin against the dollar, and this makes the Satoshi movement less between currencies, so there is a demand for currencies in the market
  11. Good indicators are very important because we can see the exact position of the market with good index and complete the trading correctly.
  12. CryptoFeb01

    Hold or trade

    Yes you are right now a days trading is more beneficial as comparing to hold but i think more trading is also very risky so we should hold some good coins too in our portfolio
  13. Those individuals who are holding bitcoin and trusting that the cost will increment and afterward they will sell Get news and information about project before start
  14. They are doing business with their own rules, which is why so many trust to all crypto traders and I trust that site too much and for a long time I have been trading up to some of my problems
  15. Some time strategies also fail only when you do homework daily for 30 days you can have a good prediction how to make more money
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