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  1. Well I don't think that the money we earned through faucet is not ours. After wasting hours in faucet we are able to earn very little and that is our earning. But if you have no source of income then starting with very less is good. Also in learning stage it's good to trade with very small amount.
  2. I think that if a perfect plan or a goal is not set before launching a coin or token then it will be a big failure. There are thousands of coins which gone dead. Some people create a coin for just fun like giving names like sex coin and etc. Some do to fool peoples by creating fake airdrops. Some creators just dump the coin to make small profits. This all are negative elements in crypto world and have to be removed.
  3. Well I appreciate the man who thought that why banks or any agency have control of our money. We all want this but have done nothing for it. Infact, we have the system but still we are not doing anything to increase its reach. All this decentralization will become a big failure if the centralized crypto take over it.
  4. Well when I stepped into cryptotalk the first thing that I learned was the post length. And I always try to cross it earlier. But now I need not even try but it get crossed automatically. Actually if you are posting any meaningful in the platform then I am sure the 100 character base line is very low. So slowly as you move ahead in cryptotalk this will come automatically to you.
  5. Well I think that platform like cryptotalk can't help directly to remove poverty like big thing. It can really teach people about crypto world which can definitely help to improve condition. But the earning which we are getting from cryptotalk like platform is not enough I must say for even one person. Also trading is a thing which require investment, and it has its own risk as well.
  6. Its always very much important that we control emotion while doing trading. In trading we have to hear our brain and not heart. Sometime after so much uptrend we think that it will surely fall. But its never like that. People have this wrong concept. And they need to remove this misconcept. Control your feelings and believe facts.
  7. Well definitely you can visit the profile of that person. Of your intentions are good then you will be favored and get second chance if by mistake you get caught. But if your friend is intentionally visit your account and give you rating then it will be noticed by moderators and punished accordingly.
  8. As you all are aware that no matter how much we get excited that crypto popularity is increasing day by day , still there are more than 85 percent of people across the world who doesn't even have heard about it. So in upcoming 10 years we can expect an increase in the crypto population. But in long run i think that crypto will certainly over take fiat. And fiat will be the second choice.
  9. Do you know whats your problem. If you haven't created a yobit account then your are not going to get any reward from cryptotalk since you have crossed the 100 mark. But if you have already opened a yobit account and also linked your crypto talk with it. Then you will be receiving your reward in 7 days for each post you post today
  10. Bitcoin was the first crypto currency that was introduced. All the other coins which came after is called alternative coin or altcoins. When bitcoin was developed, blockchain was also took birth. So bitcoin have its own blockchain. Like wise other coins have their blockchain. The cryptos that doesn't have their own block chain are called tokens
  11. It was one of my friend who introduced me to cryptotalk. I was in search some money earning Platform through online means. Now when I analyze the cause I am still with cryptotalk is not the same that I earlier have. Now I try to learn things from the platform which will help in future. The Bitcoin is not my aim that I am getting from the platform.
  12. So many times I have come across this. And also i got frustrated also. Sometimes I even stopped doing anything related to crypto for months. There are 80 percent useless airdrops and project in market. After doing so much sharing and promotion to the project we get nothing. That is frustrating. If we are cheating and then not getting anything that's acceptable.
  13. Well I think one should have both local and international exchange. Sometimes we belongs to countries where international exchange doesn't support direct deposit or direct withdrawal of fiat from our bank. In that case we have to pay many different types of fees to deposit and withdrawal. Instead if we send directly crypto to local exchange then we will be in less loss.
  14. I have some criteria that I keep in mind which choosing a crypto. Well If I want invest huge, then I go for the coins which are always profitable in long run. Like bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin. And when I feel like experimenting I choose tokens and new projects. Its very important to check that the new project you chose is genuine or not. Go through the project. Check the reviews in web. Make your own survey and then only invest.
  15. The biggest speciality of bitcoin is that its market cap and volatility. The development of bitcoin also gave the blockchain technology. Bitcoin has proved its existence several times to the world. Now the reach of bitcoin is increasing so fast that. The entire crypto is now a trillion dollar industry. And we all know which crypto has the most part.
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