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  1. I think it's not the time to sell LTC. I have 10 LTC coin presently and today's price is not beneficial. I think I have to wait for 15-20 days more. Now it's very small increment to my BUY price. Actually I missed a good opportunity to sell when LTC price was around 140 dollar. Now I regret. So choose wisely when to sell.
  2. So the beginner in the platform I have to advice something. As I have 1600+ post I think I can give some knowledge that I know to the newbies. Actually when I started I was focused that to not break the rule. And that is one of the reason for what I am still here. So keep that point always in mind.
  3. Well depends on people that how much accurately they can predict about the market. A good planned man with own survey increases his chance to win trade. At the beginning we dont have any idea about the market rise and fall. Slowly after reading news and observing the market condition and the events taking place in the world.
  4. At first I think government must understand that crypto is decentralized but its benefits are more. A good government will definitely take steps forward to implement crypto in theirs country. I think schools can teach crypto. Government can strengthen their cyber security in order to prevent their people from online fraud.
  5. I read your post completely and I think you mentioned correctly. Invest box is so designed that if anyone sees it must become keen to invest. But keep in mind before investing. Most of the times invest box has condition that you have to play dice I.e gamble your coin. And only very less value coin have no dice condition. And truly speaking I don't trust the dice game. So before investing think.
  6. Definitely the law should protect its citizens If there assets are stolen. I think its cyber crime. But we all keep in mind that most of the countries don't support crypto. Many believes that crypto world is dangerous for their citizens. Because it comes to cyber security which is not so strong in various countries. Also crypto is decentralized. So if we complain to government than don't expect much support
  7. Always it require a huge effort to bring a change in the society. The society opposes because the people are in their comfort zone and if a change comes it is disturbed. So we all have to teach everyone about the crypto. I think if our generation people knows about crypto then the development pace will increase.
  8. The two category you are telling , I can differentiate in simple. Actually the forum experts are those who knows much things about cryptotalk and spend 6 months over the platform. They can be now a crypto expert as well. But another type of crypto expert who joined the platform very late and are newbie. But are crypto genius. So they are also a requirement to the platform.
  9. Truly speaking when I joined the platform, my moto is to earn money but then spending time in cryptotalk I understood that there is much more thing in it. Now I am not here for the free coins but some big purposes. I want to go deeper in crypto world. So if I invite anyone to crypto, I will not bait them by offering free coin.
  10. There are different ways from which you can understand that whether this crypto is genuine or whether it's a fake. The first thing you can do is if you are invited through airdrop to a crypto platform then check whether the platform is promising impossible promises. Then the best thing is that check in which all platform the coin is listed. A genuine and good coin is listed in famous exchanges.
  11. I heard about the trick brave was using. Browser was putting there referral link to various crypto platform without telling to their users. When someone try to enter in any crypto website , brave browser silently change the url link with their referal link. This is something fraud. So I have very less believe in this browser.
  12. I think that there is a chance that the value of TALK coin will be very less and to compensate it the payment is double. So if anyone want the double payment they should rate 50 post. I guess that earlier 1 TALK was expected to be .01 dollar now it can be almost a .005 dollar.
  13. Sometimes members who are very hold like those who have more than 3000 post are an inspiration for all of us. They may have started as to earn BTC but now there moto is not that. Because after spending this much time in crypto world they must have got some other beneficial buisness but they are still here because they want to learn and teach. The leaderboards encourage all of us to do our part.
  14. Very nice idea. Everybody is aware about the fact that gaming and crypto is always linked. It's very difficult to say that they are beneficial or harmful to each other. Because we know that at the beginning there is huge scarcity of graphics card for the gamers due to extreme use of it by the crypto world. Then we also know that many gaming platforms give crypto and also in app purchase are done with crypto.
  15. Well I have also seen some announcements from Amazon that they are going to accept payment through Bitcoin wallet. Also there is a new launched crypto called permission that is giving there crypto for purchasing things also you can purchase things using that crypto. The crypto is also going to be listed in market soon. So we can see huge acceptance by sellers in the field of crypto.
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