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  1. Hello my friend. Faucets are no longer worthy. Working and searching for faucets is totally waste of time. It pay you very low. I suggest you to work in forums like cryptotalk or bitcointalk forum.
  2. Hello my friend thank you for sharing this valuable information here in forum with us you explained it very nicely. Now i now what exactly cryptocurrency is. Much appreciated thank you.
  3. Hello my friend. They just ask your KYC for the security purpose. But i think there are website which doesn't require KYC for buying cryptocurrency. But i dont think if it will be good or not. Buy at your own risk.
  4. Yes it can became the main stream of finance world as stable coin is literally designed to minimize the volatility of the cryptocurrency. But its really hard to predict what happens next.
  5. Well hello as I'm new here. I don't have any idea about this bisection method of the digital market. I'll just wait here for further replies. But as far as i see in this method it's hard to hold someone accountable for the error.
  6. Hey there mate. If you want to buy coins and earn greater profits. You should buy the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency coins. Like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethererum.
  7. Hello my friend welcome to cryptoworld. I ensure you that this website is totally genuine and trusted you can work here and you can earn about 90USD$ per month. You just have to make 30 posts or comment daily. Minimum 100 character in each post.
  8. Hello my friend. If you are have plenty of time and want to Earn free BTC. Then faucets is the right answer for you. You can Google about faucets for further detailed information.
  9. Hello mate i have stopped using such application that require tasks to get paid. Its not even worthy of the time we consume on the application. Its pays you very low amount of money.
  10. Well hey there. I think all the application are important for different reasons. Everyone uses different kind of applications for different kind of work. There is nothing wrong in using Adobe applications.
  11. Well as we all can see bitcoin price is growing day by day. Just 1 month ago it was about 8k USD$ Now it's over 10k USD$. I think it will increase to 12k in just few upcoming weeks.
  12. Woah hey there mate thank you for sharing this valuable information here in forum with all of us. This tip about making our post hot and treding is really awesome man. Much appreciated.
  13. Hello my friend. Yes investing in crypto currency is is pretty much safe and legal. But as we all know investments carries a lot of risk as well. You could be a millionaire in few years or you lose all of your money.
  14. Hello my friend. I would like to give you some suggestions to prevent hackers. Don't trust any website promising double your bitcoins or anything like that. Don't save your passwords on email in forums. Always work on listed platforms.
  15. Hello my friend that's a very good thought that you shared with us. I usually promote cryptotalk to my friends with the payment proof. That's all. Payment proof is the best thing to convince anyone.
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