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  1. You know it's totally depends on you when you will make some search about topic then you can get something means then you can acheive good development project..
  2. You know my choice is crypto talk, most of time I avoid social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, because I actually want to earn money and crypto talk is the best website in order to earn online.. I agree with it..
  3. Yes this is true, our data is completed secure in crypto website, nobody can break or interrupt our data, it is possibly Secure and managed data, because no one can break this block chain..Right.
  4. I think crypto talk is the best website for earning money and more bitcoins online This is the platform where you can earn money just by making good posts and comments, it's easy and comfortable job.. I like it..
  5. Well I don't think so, crypto talk is the best website for those people who earn BTC by making welfare posts and comments on crypto talk, I have a special request to the newbie of this forum, work hard under in this field, don't post irrelevant topic, share your knowledge and skills in this section, it will be easy to those whom has no idea yet..
  6. Yes I will give you the best advice about This topic, you know most of the people Think that duplicate topics are most popular and creative and I am sure about that, topics are always make good by those people who work hard in this section..
  7. I think creating coin can be too simple, just deposited all the transactions in your yobit account directly, you know it's a currency matter, it is also a useful information about creating a new coin..
  8. I am on crypto talk and I just join now a month ago, I have no proper idea about node, actually what is the thing, how does it work on crypto talk, so I advise all of those people who know about node Plz share your idea about node that I get it soon..
  9. This is useful information, Bitcoin is more secure because there are alot of investors and it is a digital and popular currency in today's market, there is no doubt, it is safe and successful by those people who trade too much..
  10. You know this is the best website for earning money, just making posts and comments here on crypto talk and you will learn and earn more money, so connect with crypto talk and you will get better reputation soon..
  11. When you will make good posts and comments on crypto then you will be able to get more followers on crypto soon..
  12. Well I will never try to delete my account On crypto, because it is a regular earning source, and by the way I don't have any idea how to delete a crypto account..
  13. Of course well I will introduce my family And friends about crypto talk, I will tell them it is a great platform where you can earn money just by making good posts and comments here just follow the rules and regulations of this site only and you will rise soon..
  14. Yes this is true, this is a useful information about that, you know for me when I am busy during work I don't to be emotional, I always keep distance from emotional limit, which is not a good thing Everybody should know their performance whether going right or not Everyone in this forum should trust their decisions...
  15. I agree with you, crypto is deep as sea means this field is spread all over the world and millions of people work here in this forum, and users are increasing day by day, this field is getting alot of development..
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