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  1. Yes this is kind of useful information, I have to tell ya, when two family members are using the crypto talk in same location then just remember create only one account and make possible that two of you are using two different data networks like one wifi and other mobile data, otherwise you will be banned from your account...
  2. Patience is the most important thing, when you work here on crypto,you must have to be patience, don't try to emotional anymore, because it leads to Future failure, patience is the key to success and one day by making patience You will be more complicated and profitable man...
  3. You know their are two categories of crypto compare and coin market and both are beneficially full of learning, I think coin market is the best for getting information about anything, it understand clearly, while crypto is the source of earning money...
  4. You know it's totally depends on you when you will make some search about topic then you can get something means then you can acheive good development project..
  5. Yes this is true, our data is completed secure in crypto website, nobody can break or interrupt our data, it is possibly Secure and managed data, because no one can break this block chain..Right.
  6. You know this is the best website for earning money, just making posts and comments here on crypto talk and you will learn and earn more money, so connect with crypto talk and you will get better reputation soon..
  7. Of course well I will introduce my family And friends about crypto talk, I will tell them it is a great platform where you can earn money just by making good posts and comments here just follow the rules and regulations of this site only and you will rise soon..
  8. Yes this is true, this is a useful information about that, you know for me when I am busy during work I don't to be emotional, I always keep distance from emotional limit, which is not a good thing Everybody should know their performance whether going right or not Everyone in this forum should trust their decisions...
  9. Currency is very important to each country, no country can run without it's currency both currency are good enough Physical currency has its own place and crypto currency has own importance, I will prefer crypto currency because of his good run, and it's easy to earn...
  10. You know it's great to be hear that, crypto is tax free zone in Dubai, well there's no doubt about that, because people can earn more money from this way because Dubai is the largest investor in the world, and it is so popular country...
  11. Well guys, I am not thinking about that I always take advantages from this site when you make it best of bests, then this Will be your time to choose better idea in this forum.bitcoin price is so valuable and now it will be future reference for everyone.
  12. Yobit exchange is best site for getting payment, it's depend on you, when you make useful posts and comments then then you will be able to earn money, the yobit exchange is globally phenomenon..
  13. When they understand this filed, how actually it works, then big man believes this is a really good websites for earning money online.. I have no more idea about Big man now..
  14. Yes I know when you make good posts and comments then you earn money and you will receive your earning income in yobit account directly, this is the simple way of transfer Bitcoin to yobit..
  15. Yes you right about that, there is no facility of Bitcoin atm in our area, I think it is not allowed in our country that's can be the reason,, I hope you can get this personally..
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