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  1. Crypto is real good help for students, because you can check crypto situation at the university, thats mean what you dont need a lot of time to deal with it, but here without any skills you dont have chances to earn someting, so, firstly study something and then earn your first million
  2. No, 30k satoshi per day - it is maximal, so if you want to earn more then earn some from this site and then make some invest or trade, but if you just need money for something - then you can just withdraw money
  3. Use mobile data and will not be any problem, if u will use one wifi - surely it is ban, but if mobile interned - then everything will be fine, or you can go to any cafee and write here 30 messages
  4. Yes, you can make any call to your coin, but about 70 - 80percent of all crypto seriously soundind, so if you create something funny, probably you will reach success in this business
  5. If you sure in this coin then it is worth to try, because who are not take risks, does not drink champagne, so if you have good luck or you sure in it on 100 percent then - invest
  6. I think that it is impossible, because crypto wont cost more then btc price, thats just destroy everything, and now there is 0 reasons, when it will happen, I just dont believe in it
  7. In my opinion dice on yobit is good, but here if you wanna multiply your capital by atleast two - it is not 50 on 50 chances, it is about 54 in 46 not in your direction, thats one and very huge minus
  8. Yes, I think that's faucet now is useless wasting time, because money which it pays - you even cant invest or trade somewhere, because it is about 500 satoshi per day by one crayne, here you can earn more for the one message
  9. If you have any skill - it is not real, but not on the 100 percents, because can earn some money on the surfing or something else , but cant earn such a good value from it, without skills in programming or in the simplicity businesses
  10. I think that crypto have very good future, but it depends a little on the government, but I think that if all humanity will accept it - then it will be very good, because it will be very popular and market will have change only in the good side
  11. I think that it is not real to predict crypto value because it not depend from someone and you can predict it if you are very lucky, thats only one way how to predict, or try to analyze some currency for such a long time and then try to do something, but it is very rarely working
  12. I think that's I will stop using cryptocurrency when it wasn't be profitable or when find a very good paid job, where I need all of my time, but now I have 0 reasons to stop using cryptocurrency and in the nearest 1 or 2 years wont stop
  13. Of course it is btc or eth, because this crypto will never fall and it have very good chances to raise price more then fall, or in 2020 altcoins become more popular, so that just matter of the time, when some crypto increased - then need to buy it
  14. I think that it is monkey business to gift someone crypto, because fiat money is more important in 2020 than cryptocurrency, but it is developing rapidly and in the neares future it will be on the one level with fiat money or more higher
  15. Ohh, it is so sad, because If you make mistake in adress - very low chances what someone will help you to turn it back, because it not like as a fiat money
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