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  1. What is the need of the Airdrop then, it will have no use to those who want to claim the airdriop even the investors use to dump the market
  2. I’ve got my first referral on yobit it’s not showing BtC earning yet. I hope they have a couple of BTC to trade so I can get 20% cut. Well done me many more to come. Ive been busy advertising.
  3. If you lost your password you should do reset your password.If you lost 2FA i think you can not access your account.If you don't loss your 2FA you can access you account by reset password
  4. You are encrypted and cryptocurrency on yobit platform and you can get your own encryption on request and after completing the required procedures
  5. I don't think they don't make any profit 🙂 What do they really lose? maybe they were hacked or attacked or the team malfunctioned and they blamed for not being profitable but they actually hugged a pile of money
  6. yobit is one of my favourite exchanges , simple and cormftable theme , and many ways to earn crypto , we need little volume and we will be with tops
  7. there are indeed many applications that we can find in Playstore. but all of these applications, only a few can pay people when using it.
  8. I agree with you Berminal app is latest crypo news app. This is a great app. Very easy to use. All news are available in berminal app.
  9. I use a number of mobille exchanges for trading. Like Crex24, Poloneix, Bitfinex and Coinbase. Only one application of the four that does not support the problem of withdrawal is Bitfinex. The rest is good and easy to use.
  10. An incredible match like Akash Journey. You control a stripped-down image that is recognizable as a toddler and navigates to several smaller environments connected to a star.
  11. To earn with free apps amd freedom you must join the free aidrops and big ways are bounties thanks for being here and everything you want really.
  12. It depends on when am free because I do go to work on working days normally then on weekends days am free I mostly used weekend days than working days
  13. They are everywhere since cryptocurrencies existed in the crypto world. They are now part of obstacles and only way to ignore them is avoid them and keep away from their lurings to eventually feel you safe.
  14. erolfat

    Trading Tips

    if there is any information about the rise of cryptocurrency, it is worth buying it. But still, what if there will be an unexpected collapse, as with bitcoin, when it rose by $ 2000 up?
  15. There are risks everywhere, some minimal, some high. As it seems to me, you do everything very correctly, if the daily trend brings you income, continue in the same spirit!
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