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  1. dear friends I'm new to you as well. I don't want to erase what I've heard about crypto talk. So I don't want to delete the account.
  2. Dear guys My main purpose in cryptotalk forums is to make money. Getting ideas about world currency. thank You. best of luck
  3. dear friend I agree with you because crypto talk is very helpful for earning and learning. The best thing is to talk about crypto talk & youtube
  4. hello guys I like the way you communicate with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or YouTube but can't earn from here. Cryptotalk is much better in terms of revenue. thanks
  5. hello guys Earn my first goal from this forum that will help me and my family. The second goal is to embark on some education thanks
  6. welcome with me I know there is no cure. You can use google & youtube for details. Hopefully you will get acquainted. thanks
  7. hello I agree with the brother's words. I do not want to delete my account. Then it's good to know.thanks
  8. hello friends good morning I think those who are new to this forum do not post too many objectionable comments. The admin closes his id for comment on the invalid post. So working by the rules will not be a problem
  9. hello frieng good morning I don't know enough about twenties. You can talk to other practitioners to find out about this topic. You can also get help from google & youtube
  10. hello guys, Not just happy when you get the money. This money will help me and my family. Good luck with this forum.thanks
  11. hello friends good morning Congratulations to you. You are right, crypto talk is a good place to be at leisure. I'm also trying to earn my leisure time. thanks
  12. hello guys good morning Congratulations to you. I'm new to this forum. I'm not earning. But I hope something good happens in the future.
  13. hello guys You need to do good work to increase your reputation. Need to know about cryptotalk. valuable post to comment. Hopefully the reputation will grow
  14. hello friends I and I agree with you. It is good to know about this forum before investing. This will reduce the risk. There will be benefits. best of luck
  15. hello guys I and you are new to this forum like you. I do not know how yobit coins will convert to money. If you have any information please help.thanks a lot
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