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  1. I will reveal my private key to my trusted sibling so that even after my demise they can be able to use the coins in my wallet.
  2. It was so easy because it has a lot of value use to carry out transaction.
  3. I will reveal my private key to one of my trusted siblings, so that even after my demise my family will claim the owner ship of such crytocurrency in my wallet.hope that will be the best way to avert the incident.
  4. I will sell some and keep some for me to continue with the investment in the crytocurrency market because it is lucrative market were you earn your profit through trading.
  5. Yeh cryptotalk is fun because the more you do it the more you understand about the activities and how it is run and the benefits in it
  6. I will definitely return the coin back to the address I received it from because I know they are not mine own to claim it
  7. You shouldn't leave your coin in the exchange platform, you should have your own secret wallet to keep it safe.
  8. In any investment you so there is risk attached to it, it is left for you to minize the effect of the risk by taken precautions in term of the security apparatus w.
  9. If that is going to be the case Samsung is going to make A very huge profit out of that project and it has create a jinx between it compititors.
  10. It depend on the patronage the coin was able to get, if really people patronize it, definitely it going to reach that 100 dollars you predicted
  11. You don't need save your password in your wallet it will make your phone prone to hacker steal your available coin at that moment so you need to be careful with it.
  12. The best time to buy Bitcoin is when the price is low and you have enough money to invest in it by the time the price goes up you will make your gains.
  13. I just started resently not even up to a month now, but it is very good opportunity for me to gain experience about crytocurrency and also earn income.
  14. It's a very good initiative to use other languages in the furum but we need to reach some certain standard before that can be achieved hence it is good development.
  15. At that Time I will sell all the available coin I have to make profit and wait for a while when the price will come down to buy and keep again.
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