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  1. Wow... I thought the crypto currency came to solve some problems in the labour market. But with this post I'm convinced otherwise that it doesn't.
  2. You don't have to ask if we are expecting a new crypto... He'll yeah we would see new coins everyday. But how strong would this coin be in the market? That's the concern.
  3. It's indeed really scarce to see many site which offers payment for bitcoin through PayPal. That's quite amazing. Thank you for bringing this to our notice. I gave a like. Kindly return the favour
  4. KYC verification seems to be the best form of security they can integrate in the the crypto system. This has also come with some criticism when the KYC details of so many customers account were released by hackers
  5. What's this fuss all about. No one is entitled to like every thing for life. You may never like anything. It's all your choice no one forces you.
  6. In as much as you don't have your details logged in on the wrong/phishing site. Your details should be secured on their site. You don't have to worry too much.
  7. The know your customer (KYC) verification is important to customers because it's used as a means of verification especially when the lose their private key
  8. This depends on the amont of traders you have among the south Korean citizen. The amount of trades made daily. If these trades are calculated then you'll know the effect
  9. Not entirely true. I don't think this is possible. Bitcoin requires a currency pair for it to function properly. You may use dollars to buy bitcoin. But you'll still have to convert your currency to dollars.
  10. Who knows how yobit pays. Who cares how. You need to complete the required tasks you don't have to bother yourself about this since you're not the account manager
  11. Yeah.. it's considering so many things you would get to know of. Something that may not come to you easily. You would also learn how to Tarde correctly. There's power in knowledge
  12. I can not say if the famous people have crypto currency. Not entirely all but I'm sure at least 1 out of seven people that are famous should own a crypto coin.
  13. This is my major concern in the crypto market. There are lots of indications that this coin would increase but I don't know when the bull run would start.
  14. There are lots of things you need to be careful about. Do not trade with your last cash. Never loss your private key. Don't interchange your private keys for public keys
  15. It may sound easy for you to say but it's more than that. You could buy with such amount of crypto while someone sells immediately. It evens out
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