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  1. Popular coins like bitcoin ethereum xrp have a long history and are used very much because people who invest in cryptocurrency have faith in these, but on new ones you never now , you have no history and are much less popular, so it's just a gamble to find a gem coin that will have a bright future. The users of crypto is being increasing day by day. And one day bitcoin will take all over the world
  2. If you have a crypto acount you must have to choose Yobit exchange because without yobit you can't withdraw your money
  3. I think India and United Kingdom also make thier own crypto currency and other countries also will make Their own crypto currency
  4. I think India and United Kingdom also make thier own crypto currency and other countries also will make Their own crypto currency
  5. Yes I agree with you. At first we should learn more and more about crypto earn knowledge and then we should take projects
  6. In this case i think trending and investing money in crypto is easy to earn bitcoins
  7. This is really good news for Bitcoin and I think this is the first bank to do this and normally accept Bitcoin currency conversion.The day is not far when the bitcoin will be used all over the world
  8. I don’t think so.Crypto is platform where people invest money gain knowledge and income some money . Crypto currency is very easy to exchange
  9. Actually in crypto i spend atleast 2 hours daily. I earn money and knowledge from crypto
  10. I will choose crypto talk.In social media you can just spend your time but in crypto you can spend your time for money and you can also earn knowledge
  11. Yes I want to know. I am new in crypto and i want to know about crypto more and more
  12. Crypto is large this is right.In crypto you can earn money by many things. But i want to work as a crypto writer
  13. I’m jot sure I get what this actually means but I would be glad if I got more information regarding which of these are actually better. So far I’ve only known the fact that ones btc is lost or stolen or even sent to the wrong wallet, it would be quite impossible to get it back since it’s gonna be lost in the system.Actually my curiosity about crypto is not satisfied. I want to know more about this
  14. The world government is rusticated crypto day by day. Because they thought they might not be able to control crypto currency
  15. Yes, I love crypto currency project. One can earn money by doing this activities. Crypto projects are useful for earning
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