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  1. Coinbase is one of the safest online wallets for me. You can safely place your online currency here. And you can trade your currency from here
  2. I only use Bitcoin for transactions. I use MW because I collect grace / airdrop rewards so I need a portal wallet for my activities. Can't comment about Jax Wallet, I don't know about it
  3. If you hold it in the long run, just use the ETC original wallet man in its simplest .., setting up MW seems complicated,
  4. Thank you so much for this useful article on these 3 types of wallets, it's really good to know that anyone who plays coins and how to save their money safely.
  5. I've seen this news, and it's nice to hear it, but I think you need to run an electric network node to be able to use the electronic wallet.
  6. Asfi

    Metamask wallet

    MetaMask is one of the coolest wallets for me to drop off any resources.
  7. Although most crypto wallets are free, choosing a wallet for an appliance means setting aside a few with cash. Consider the cost and shipping cost when making your choice.
  8. The best wallet I know so far is Coinbase and TrustWallet. Because these 2 are the best wallets of all time
  9. Since the screen chain is a lot safer than other wallets, if I need a conversation around my wallet, I'll start with a piece chain wallet.
  10. Based on what I know, the Coinbase wallet is the best between Coinbase and the blockchain wallet because this wallet is more secure.
  11. What is your favorite wallet And what is the reason? Is it good or not My favorite wallet to me is the Trust Because the reception and transmission process is simple
  12. Coinbase and Blockchain are both the best cryptocurrency wallets. I use Coinbase Wallet for a long time.
  13. The private key offer helps us trim open key information. This makes the difference in the swarm of information that has been scrambled into the open key.
  14. There are many fake wallets you have to download and it is good to see the wallet that we have a good wallet so we have fake wallet
  15. Greetings, my friends have proved through the clarification that the Coinbase stage will be a solder to ensure clients' character in all cases.
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