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  1. You can search crypto information on google play and you will probably see a lot of applications that give you information on crypto and also news daily.
  2. It exists and it works with a lot of payment systems, not sure about specifications but it is one of the fastest and easiest ways of converting your money to btc.
  3. First of all bitcoin is the oldest part of cryptocurrency and because of that reason people rely on bitcoin more than any other altcoin, altcoins are the coins that created after bitcoin.
  4. Don't get bothered by that, soon more countries will join and will add bitcoin atm in their country because they will have no other choice because people want it.
  5. No there is not any official application of yobit and anything you see on google play is a fake app and if they get your user and password your money will be stolen.
  6. greediness made many people lose a big amount of their money and you don't want to be one of those people, as long as you are in profit be happy and take your profit and don't always wait for big percentage gains.
  7. Bitcoin which is the first and best crypto is a decentralized cryptocurrency and people want to invest in bitcoin because they see decentralization as a way to the better future.
  8. Never happened to me, choose your exchange carefully and don't hold your coins too long in their wallet, even known exchanges can get hacked .
  9. Crypto have it all that is needed to have a bright future so my answer is yes, crypto is all potential and if people learn to use crypto they will help crypto to grow further.
  10. You can read so many people success stories in crypto which usually also has some fail stories in them too which you can learn from and that way you can reach the higher up in trading sooner than normal people.
  11. You can save your private key on a flash drive and piece of paper for example and that way you have two copy so if something happens to the first copy the other one will be safe.
  12. When the market is bleeding and continue to lose value and you think it will going to continue doing that the best thing to do is exchange your crypto for a stable coin like usdt to avoid more loss.
  13. That was a great and informative post, many people fall for scam airdrops and also that is true that cloud mining is just not profitable any more and people should not waste their time with that.
  14. You can learn trading and stat trading your bitcoin to get more btc, but only start trading if you are aware of the risks involved in trading and just don't jump into trading without any information.
  15. Cryptotalk is way better because I like forums way more than these new social medias, posts on forums are more honest and less spammy than what we see mostly on social channels.
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