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  1. Cryptocurrency markets provide volatility but scammers and shady token plans have also clouded the fledgling industry. I think investing in cryptocurrencies is absolutely impossible for us to leave our daily jobs
  2. Smart phones and other technologies. While there are many new cryptocurrency projects with good teams, it still can't beat bitcoin. serve a purpose in society. If bitcoin disappears one day nothing will happen. The cryptocurrency world doesn't rely on bitcoin to solve problems anymore.
  3. I don't think they will use it freely like cryptocurrencies, they are wise and healthy people, they will see their own benfit first. We can only assume that we cannot accurately predict China's launch of their cryptocurrencies, which will certainly create some impact on the cryptocurrency market.
  4. For your kids with everyone just what they can do with all btc or perhaps dollars in particular, it's not an easy task to put the wrong fund. Therefore, it is important to do research and get advice from experienced users.
  5. We will see huge profits when investing in Bitcoin, all the gold values are also increasing. Bitcoin is a new group that is more organized than I am because Bitcoin is more widely organized with the same existence and self-demanding sales.
  6. I like cryptocurrencies, you can invest in many different currencies and wait for the right time to sell it. And it is very promising and profitable. But fraudulent projects always cause losses.
  7. I also suggest using it. It's also possible to hack hardware wallets, so there's nothing safe. in the future and take my account from the hacker and please all information like this I am very satisfied as this is the best post
  8. keep your profits and sell it for a better price and you can make money with cryptocurrencies without investing in forums like this. You have income you can save it to specific wallets and use the exchange site. There is no bad behavior when paying in cash with electronic money.
  9. every platform will prefer to be on the blockchain in the near future blockchain and cryptocurrencies have a very bright future even in the case of PayPal. Facebook should stay only at an unofficial organization that doesn't create a matching frame on the cryptocurrency referral screen. Crypto showcase should be for the most decentralized part.
  10. I guess they will all stay away from strangers because all the scammers are strangers just here to tear people apart, I hope that we all should cheat wisely. They can't cheat us until we know on the internet. don't trust anyone easily don't waste your money on scammers Spend some time looking for a genune
  11. for low volume users but there are many other additional features and this is a trading platform so we can trade and make good profits. We have to learn a lot about this field and learn from experience before investing. If you like my comment please drop a like.
  12. It has become available to all cryptocurrency traders, including those who are new to cryptocurrencies that are on the way down to gain greater confidence in the health of the currency. Doge's value is too low but still valid in the market even if it is too old and low and it will soon rebound if a large investor invests in Dogecoin.
  13. I think I'm using this game day in and day out. The Dice game will be very popular around the world and the Yobit Exchange website has many benefits when bringing Dice game to the exchange site. individuals who intend to play this game electronically without having to deposit money into any other game place a bet.
  14. as soon as its price goes down, it goes down and most people like us don't know and don't know that we should buy bitcoin at one place and sell it somewhere at a time. My doubt is how many people of this age really reach the price on that day; for as short a time as both days, every hour.
  15. If you make a lot of money, you'll be happy. It's good that we have campaigns like this. Cryptocurrency provides us with this type of facility. This type of campaign raises our curiosity for cryptocurrencies. Thanks yobit for this campaign.
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