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  1. I think it will be unbelievable what the crypto market will do this year and behind. He is now starting to climb for me, the best long-term investment, so I don't want to sell right now. I am optimistic with the huge profits that I will make in the future.
  2. Most traders fall into greedy instincts that engage them in trades to gain quick profits, and eventually lose money due to their greedy instincts. If someone accepts the risk then there must be the patience and power of decision making by analyzing market trends and market flows.
  3. The price was closed and then we saw more traders buying more money and the price increased again. That currency, along with the simpler, more typical public currencies, is often predicted to bring about a flourishing future.
  4. The global money market is changing momentarily and affected by many economic indicators. Therefore, traders must understand the factors that influence the market and how to monitor them. when I have experience and learn how to trade and choose to trade successfully. Experience is increasing day by day and so is profit.
  5. hoping that they would change course quickly and record losses, and he could not logically analyze the trading situation and become a victim of mental illusions. some individuals and they really don't think about brain research they have this shared ability to assess people's instincts.
  6. control emotions if the opposite is happening because in trading only two results are profit or loss and loss must be part of the game and must not affect emotions. You must control yourself to stop working. Don't forget that trading is very addictive like gambling and other employees.
  7. I stopped talking for a certain period of time to recover my mood, and this made me different again, as if nothing had happened. This valuable experience can allow us to transfer cash again in a short period of time and I can really deal with my rules as a rule I will accept.
  8. The most commonly used time range is from 1 minute to 5 minutes. Find out what works best. Each profit you make is very small and does not repeat your trading, you will not earn high profits in this method. It is also very risky because prices change very quickly.
  9. I advise everyone to learn how to read charts. Everything is reflected in punishment and partly at the time of mechanical examination. I really have to thank you very much, it's good to be careful while you invest in your healing power
  10. I think you have learned some basic skills so you can trade trading strategies and make money from digital money. If you have a good brain and you know more abkut trading then you have become a good trader.
  11. try to invest in such currencies when the rates of the currencies are so low that you can make a good profit while increasing the rate. Useful if you have the most effective final decision making before trying to buy foreign money. It is best if you ever investigate them initially before receiving them.
  12. phizusiki

    Trading bot

    A bot is a good idea that a bot can be profitable if you use it properly. However, if you are unemployed it is much better if you are a trader. Some people may also apply software for processing electronic advertising. But some software situations are not done well, in addition, to reduce your earnings too far.
  13. with a limit that's right for me, I think it will help you minimize your money loss. Beginners tend to be short patient and think that if they hold it for too long, they can lose more than they have lost. We must be familiar with how and where it has been used and added modifications that we should label as a stop-loss as a significant issue in the whole process.
  14. Be patient and don't rush to trade cryptocurrencies, spend enough time for the transactions to work properly. Do not rush because if you sell money without a plan, it is likely that the price may be higher than your selling price. You will have to sell your money. But do not rush to sell easily because prices may rise and you will regret your decision.
  15. phizusiki

    What is spread?

    Amplitude can be fixed or vary and proportional to the size of your position. When changing, it varies with market fluctuations and from one broker to another. There are large differences between currency pairs in the forex market and it is important to have the best exchange rates to make currency exchange or to enter the market by performing various transactions.
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