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  1. You should try to read some books about try or article or deals. they can help you in that area because they specialize and you also learn their tricks for trading or you can still research and find out more on the internet
  2. Remember that you must have a goal of value and never change. It is not to win quickly. It is a new way to make money. I bought a lot of coins in panic and after buying it was sold. I have been stuck in this situation many times.
  3. I would think about why I lost money at what stage I was wrong and how to fix such error transactions in subsequent transactions. I will continue to do them even if I lose. Because the more you trade, the better you understand them
  4. Diversifying your portfolio is recommended to avoid any significant losses that may occur whenever the currency goes down, because the market is volatile. It depends on you. But if you invest in bitcoin, you can get a good return
  5. When you will learn something, you can learn anything. Learning can also be learned. Today, there are many experts who will help you trade well over time. try to collect information about stocks and should try to invest in small amounts and should not choose shortcuts, otherwise you will lose.
  6. Learn about the use of basic technical and analytical tools. Portfolio management is also important. Newbies in this field have to read this topic to benefit from what you have to say and use advice in their trading lives.
  7. You need to set the time becomes a long time to see diagonally. Basic traders use news and rumors to decide but I don't really understand this method. The price increase may continue for several months before adjusting, followed by a few more months. That is my belief and hope.
  8. We see the actual amount of cash on the system being bought and sold. The higher the amount of detail, the simpler the industry is, the simpler because we can all have cash options for buying and selling. I think Yobit Exchanger is the best wallet.
  9. Choosing a currency is a key part of his success or failure decision, choosing a currency to trade you just need to look at it from the trading volume, because there's no point to buying a coin you don't need. need
  10. When the market goes up, it sells immediately and when the market goes down, I buy. I know it's awful, but worse, being too late and losing money than being motionless and not losing or winning
  11. It's hard to force yourself to kill a moose, but it's easy to kill a small profit, fearing that everything will turn around now and will be discouraging discipline that you already have rules for operation. transactions and you do not violate the rules. For me discipline is some hard to do
  12. When you look at the BTC chart assessing the entry point, no matter how sweet it may seem, be sure to look at the same chart for USDT. It is better to trade with bitcoin because if you trade with USDT
  13. I know a little bit about it and I have benefited from it by applying it, as a daily trader, I must exercise my limits to preserve capital. none of the possibilities means that the time spent with me can allow for the fact that this is my best fault in judgment.
  14. In addition to investing in the investment box, we make trades that will make you good money and I usually trade day by day. If it's ready, you should invest in better cryptocurrencies in exchange because it has made it to the market list so it is easy to get a quick profit.
  15. Experienced traders may know, we need experience to learn. We also need opinions from others to learn and also to avoid what they went through. It all depends on how you learn and seek knowledge. Especially when considering their intellectual and emotional conditions.
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