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  1. They will unquestionably go up in cost as the cost of bitcoin increments. New crypto ventures are presently not turning out to be fruitful possibly in view of previously existing coins. Some are likewise trick. I have not done any Pepe yet considering putting resources into yobit IEO. To invest on crypto you have to see the ptoject and vision of that particular currency you want to invest plus see the team.
  2. They only knew about name and never have any interaction with BTC creator.This man change the world from BTC And still no information of his description how he looks and where he goes.His BTC are in Billions and not touch them. when Bitcoin has begun to be known to many people it disappears.
  3. As a result of our investment, but the value of our currency goes further. And by investing in the amount of bitcoin we have invested in different cryptos, we can now see Bitcoin prices at a good level. So if we invest in Bitcoin better, then Bitcoin will go further so investing is the key to our currency's value. you will be satisfied if you choose the right investment plan.
  4. Youtube doesn't tolerate this. Right now it happens that most of those who violate may be the problem of discussing crypto, because in my own channel as long as it does not violate copyright and the original still exists and is permitted. Crypto Currency that must be presented to the public because as we know YouTube is a famous platform for the public.
  5. After all its illegal. So it does not mean that we can't use it or vice verse. Banks also send messages to its user that Trade in Digital Currency is Prohbited. So it all means that in case of scam and in case of fraud the bank or any financial institution will not help you for any recovery and no cyber crime unit will help such guys at all.
  6. I think we are not safe here sending proofs to whom we know of as these sites who ask for this even do not provide their real developers faces, real location of the company from where it works. Our information can easily get into wrong hands. Even it can get into our govt hand if our govt can catch these companies and govt. can exploit and steal all our data and use for wrongful means.
  7. Crypto insurance, provided by exchanges like binance, is very very promising and it holds the trust of the investors, that if suddenly an exchange is hacked, and then all the funds of investors are gone, in that case, insurance of the assets, is the only way an average trader, crypto field as it is difficult to catch scammers in crypto world.
  8. It can be good for asia because Russia and China is doing well in crypto there are many coins which are made in Russia and China. India is also thinking about crypto. And many other countries of Asia is excited about crypto. Asia would be leader with huge volume of crypto currencies.
  9. The coin in large quantities sold it in bulk causing the price to drop. Classic manipulation, they want to buy back their coins at a lower price because they knew that yoda has a lot of potential and prices will rise again. All airdrop recipient did not participate in the dump since their yoda was locked in investbox. If we sell now then our coin will be wasted.
  10. You can make some good profits with it as long as market is normal. However I don't recommend them because they also makes mistakes, like bot that works with martingale system. Martingale bot will always open position to recover previous losses, until your fund exhausted.
  11. It is simple, If you buy a lottery ticket, you have a chance to win a prize. You can win with just one ticket! Of course, buying more tickets will Increase the chance of winning a prize. Prize amounts are based on the total number of tickets purchased during each lottery round. ethereum and litecoin have really good volume on exchanges.
  12. Bitcoin will likely be the most trending this year because of its potential rising with the help of bitcoin halving. If something bad happen with it, we can assure you that if would rise again somehow and will not become like the other cryptocurrencies who didn't survive the bearish trend. If prices are fixed on the current price, this can be achieved in the coming weeks.
  13. There are numerous concerning cryptocurrencies obviously will probably be most of the fraudulence, and so they produced specifically for many nights and also times it’s likely that they are going to worthless, there are numerous cryptocurrencies simply to generally be adversary making use of bitcoin.
  14. If you cannot buy a card without the help of crypto currency and bitcoin, if you want to buy a google card then you must get the help of cryptocurrency and bitcoin, without their help you can not buy a google card and cannot buy. the easiest way is you deal with people who both have and understand cryto.
  15. Crypto currency is that we have a site for crypto currency transactions for crypto users, so the money will flow right into our wallet through the exchange. And we can take that money through banking or take it anyway so there is no problem with getting money in crypto currency. You can earn money through different ways and keep them in a online wallet after that you can cash it out by exchange.
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