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  1. I will recommend that you should invest your fund through bitcoin and the most easy and most secure way to do that is by arbitraging, and a very much reputation site that I can tell you to join is the arbistrar, go to google and facebook pages and good and you will see that it is a legit site that pays and it will make you continue to stack more bitcoin
  2. If you face a problem or have any questions about a forum like this, you can easily post to this forum and find many more solutions.
  3. This is a really useful post. I think everyone here should read the rules of this forum multiple times! This is a really important thing to do before posting or commenting here in this forum
  4. My main goal is to learn about cryptocurrency. Because I think this forum is the best place to learn about cryptocurrency, there is no better Jiga and therefore we should learn from this place.
  5. Cryptocurrency is an successful substitute to fiat currency and this does not plead to banks, but group like Bitcoin and countless boast completed profits from it and I suppose it will substitute banknotes in the future.
  6. It is good idea to teaching crypto currancy in family if some one is educated in our family we can easily teach them how to reply on post and create topic etc. and check your post record in yobit and many more currancy trading.
  7. Personally, I do not think this will affect your account, as long as you do not use the same device, speech encryption only prohibits or cancels your account if you open a multiple account using a device with the same IP address.
  8. You can sell it in any market. There are different sites that can give you very good information about crypto currency. You can get your paper money. You can learn a lot...
  9. probably the greatest crypto company needs to be buying and selling cryptocurrencies. it's is a little bit less complicated in comparison with exploration that demands large expense for a lot of.
  10. yes I think you have to grow in Cryptotalk with the spirit of posting, the rewards that you can get a lot with posts, greetings to join, greetings of success, I hope you can complete the specified forum.
  11. For me i am using XRP in withdrawal for the lower withdrawal fee and it suits to me because in our local wallet it has ripple to peso exchange. Maybe it depends on what kind of cryptocurrency you have in your wallet every coin that has low withdrawal fee suits in every people in yobit user just choose wisely on what coin that suits to you as you can use it for withdrawal. Because we all know that BTC has high withdrawal fee.
  12. in attendance are scores of uses and profit on by means of bitcoin, we tin earn an massive quantity of cash with it if we arrange an adequate amount comprehension about trading and investment, furthermore appointment are untaken with bitcoin payment like prize hunting and campaigns. If you are enthusiastic to get rigs so therefore nearby is mining, at hand hence greatly bits and pieces to make as it comes on bitcoin, you be obliged to explore and uncover everywhere be capable of you search out a large amount of the profits.
  13. Well as for me it hasn't been long since I joined crypto and I haven't been misfortuned because I don't really invest for now I only earn here and gather my income because am actually still learning the basics of trading so as to avoid loose.
  14. Cryptocurrency has stirred the current world. They are making a lot of money using cryptocurrency. And making more profit by investing in crypto currency. And with this money they are able to change their financial situation.
  15. Positive aspects cryptocurrency significantly. Here is the attractiveness with the planet your crypto crypto purchase can't observe identify. crypto business a lot more beneficial to an individual when you have a piece of solid information.
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