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  1. If you wanna just get started then I strongly suggest you to go with litecoin. Cause it's really profitable as a beginner and also the price is cheap now too.
  2. Bitcoin has been one of the most property owned by many people. Now if you want to your money into good use you should start buy and keeping bitcoins.If we have some amount spare or extra then it is great idea to invest in bitcoins as a savings. If bitcoins prices will high then autometically savings will be high.
  3. Altcoins Turn Green as BTC is Red because people invest money which they had earn from bitcoin trading when it was rising in price. that's why altcoins turn green.
  4. It is not easy to estimate the exact number or value, but for one thing, bitcoin is now slowly growing and moving fast. We can see more than a trillion in the market for the entire market and I am not surprised.
  5. I think that cryptocurrencies will last for a long time so that they will become the most powerful economy in the world in every way.In this modern era, cryptocurrency is one of the best site for earning money. We can also invest money from this site. Si i think as it is very helpful for us.
  6. Yes, of course why not you can also withdraw from yobit from Pakistan. Even you can withdraw your money from anywhere in the world. Because Crypto currency is very flexible.
  7. It's good to have knowledge first because this will give you good profit especially when bitcoin bull run start to increase again. And also study the coins or investment first so that we can earn more profit.There are exchanges that want to replace investor money, but there are alsomany exchanges.the most dangerous risk is when the exchange is hacked or scammed while our investment funds.
  8. Mitu01

    Crypto Asia

    Cryptocurrency market will be good in Asia continent due to high population in the region and the size of their economy.Asia is the most user, not only in terms of population, China and India are in the top position as the most populous population.
  9. I also think so if any new program start here then people can do their best here. Mainly they are doing daily post for getting payment.
  10. Mitu01


    yes translator would be a great option because many are there from very different countries and their language also very different so if there would be a translator it would be very much helpful.
  11. Thanks for your post. I think crypto is helpful for us. You are most welcome in this platform. Anyway,if you want to earn money, you should give your useful post and comments regularly. You can trading in crypto.
  12. Well i am glad and happy that you will have 100 btc and 10000 Ethereum at the end of this decade.Many people are working hard and learning day and night to earn digital currency.I am thinking that i will be able to learn and will spread mega awareness among people through platform like these.
  13. Mitu01

    What is spread?

    Yes, basically a spread is to sell the same thing in different price points and bought two. It basically takes something away from a few different directions that comes with a naked game. So for example. Buy Apple 200 Calls, Apple sold equal amount of 150 calls. This is a bearish call spread.
  14. Actually I am not trading in crypto. I just post my comments in a topic. So I don't know so about trading. Sorry for that I don't give any opinion about crypto trading. Thanks.
  15. I think coinbase is the best wallet. It can save our Bitcoin. It is trusted wallet. Most of the people use it safely.
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