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  1. Yes I love Cryptocurrency prjoect. Cause this is my 3rd online project here I got my profit. This site is trustable.😊you can earn here.
  2. I holding my coins.when the price is going to be high I sell them at high price 😁this is my law to get profit
  3. Though I not use Telegram.But I say it is one of the top ranked social messenger of all time, but nowadays it has been used mostly by scammers to steal people bitcoin and blackmails.
  4. I think crypto bring us a great future. A true wallet of crypto. The future of crypto is very bright. Acceptance of crypto is increasing day by day. We can work here very easily.
  5. There are a lot of new crypto currency project but not all of that will be successful in the future because some of those project are being abandoned by the creator so don't trust those new projects quickly.
  6. Cryptoworld is 😍my favourite income site. I got my payments😍 I always post here and comments down on the post😊that's it
  7. May be some of the numerous centralized coins definitely will survive the market upswings and downswings, due to the fact that they're corporate platforms, and some corporations will survive market fluctuations.
  8. No, I do not know about coinat exchange, I did not do the mechanic and I will inform you later if you know.
  9. This is seems to be a nice question than frankly speaking I will choose crypto talk forum because I love this place more than any social media .
  10. Blockchain is a wallet, where you can deposit many coins with your Bitcoin, ETH, LTC, and from this balance you can make any transaction, transferring coins from blockchain Coinbase at a very low fee
  11. I think coinbase wallet is the best Mostly Crypto users use coinbase because easy to use, high security, Reduce the risk of money theft, and you can also exchange coin easily.
  12. May be it does not have money like a door in hand or the government can control it, it is not added to the whole world.
  13. I think The world government and crypto are operating under restrictions. They think that work needs to be done in the middle of a lonely range.
  14. Yes you can help people by telling them the theam of Cryptocurrency. Also you can tell them that crypto is a earning site.
  15. NowadaysB itcoin is not only big companies, big countries are accepting Bitcoin, I am very happy that these companies can use Bitcoin payment gateways, we can now deal with these sites without Fiat currency, and it will bring a positive impact to the crypto market.
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