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  1. But I do not think that it will recover. And now how you are posting bro if it is already been blocked.
  2. Isbis the problem that every body is facing. And that is a bett er if they fix their problems.
  3. This is simple to send the final balance on these platforms. So a bit nice one.
  4. All rules are mentioned in the forum FAQs so you can read them here.
  5. There are the nice tips. Of you have another tips to post guys.
  6. I joined yobit but never invested in the yobit.net. And so they have a very low profile return.
  7. I have been choosing my exchange with the new strategy. And that is a good that I can make decisions.
  8. These could be great. But I have no idea about these.
  9. I think that it is a partially safe and easy to use.
  10. I think that Xiaomi Black Sahrk 2 is the best mobile ever for gaming
  11. Thanks bro but these arethe Great and good.
  12. It is not much easy to create the apps.
  13. I am using online Google translate. And this is being unbelievable for me.
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