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  1. I think the main reason for any cryptocurrency that will hold a long time is that they don't want to sell at a low price in the market.I think it's more profitable to have safe coins like this than THE BTC or Lightcoin.But you'll be making that decision, if you want to buy more! Many are selling them before the end of the year, but buying the alt-right is a very desirable time! Buy some altokine like XRP.
  2. In my experience, Satoshi Nakamoto uses the name 'Conceptual' to make the idea known as the 'Paudonimus' or 'People'. Namoto realized that because of his inclination, there should be options to help a wider range of center plan exchanges.And I want them to know how bitcoins were made in their first place. Why do you expect prosperity for Bitcoin when you disappear and ultimately not fight so bitcoin really benefits a little people around the world.
  3. I think dogmoney prices have never been directly in the market and never have the market been pushed. Throughout his history. Doge has generally worked in the opposite direction for the market conditions and paid its investors months. If you think you are making positive progress for the dog, make these comments only immediately and promptly.
  4. I think crypto currency has a lot of coins. Like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Electronium, Dogecane, xrp. I think Bitcoin is the best way to hold all these coins. I think Bitcoin is more profitable to hold another currency.It is always a good one, it can't bring much innovation to the market at present but it still keeps increasing the value every year.
  5. Imran11

    Crypto Asia

    Of course, there are many crypto users in the Asia . Crypto talk has a greater demand in Asia than any other continent. This is how the Indian subcontinent is becoming very popular. And that is the bright future in Asia . We are proud Asians, who have a large community spreading the world's crypto currency awareness. Asia can further strengthen the global economy to become a successful accountant.
  6. Obviously, schools are the best platform for anyone can learn. So if you join the course at school, that's great. And every day, the school should have an idea of the university's cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency can be easily understood and easily accessible.And also there are many benefits of teaching crypto in school. For example, students can earn money from Crypto after learning basics. They can use this money to help their research.
  7. I think most senior investors and traders get this skill by crypto-bye there expensive investments and trading skills they invest and trading now very rich and every step of them can have a big impact on our cryptocurrency.They try to do this. And they are without conscience . When every human knows what the crypto currency is, then he tries something new.
  8. Obviously, keeping private key wallets is the most important thing in keeping the treasures stored in the horn, opening a private key open publicly as well as stealing a property .This is a personal tool that we need to keep in the safest place. The scammer asked me to keep my personal keys that I know is a way to keep your coins in the wallet. Some people think a little about personal keys, some are careless..
  9. Now there are many coins in the market that are already competitive with Bitcoin, and I think there are still no coins that are made that can defeat Bitcoin as the number one coin in all coins.There's no other way to generate Bitcoin than mine. Because Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency available and it will always be in history.
  10. In my opinion, bitcoin volume has a lot of numbers, but I'm not sure we'll get real results because I think it's impossible to control, so they know how bitcoin is real.Crypto is perfect for a second here. It's a conventional trend that will resolve at this point who knows how "I think I couldn't remind the election on almost all the forward-looking unforced money.
  11. In my opinion, theotelegram and cryptocurrency, they are very fond of each other. We are able to earn good currency through Link Bentincryptcore and Telegram. If this kind of sum was not telegraphed, not everyone could make a good money, so I think there is a good connection between cryptocurrency and telegram. We are able to achieve satisfactory currency through link-ups between cryptocurrency and telegram.
  12. Of course, there are many advances and good ideas about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency's future is very bright, so cryptocurrency is the best. But I hope their earnings in the future will create a way to study the other side of crypto where you have a trading concept because I think you need some small funds in your business and I think new users need to start saving some money.
  13. Obviously all people should go for it because it's a good coin for the future.We're going to get the benefit of it.So it's better to give your digital coin. It will also help boost the nation's economy. It will also rule out the problem of unemployment. So I'm taking cryptocurance too because it allows me to earn from trading and some websites. Actually, I'm here to earn money and to make my future better.
  14. I think fiat currency, which is refundable as per central bank regulations. Fiat money is considered legally the official means of completing transactions. Government controls Fiat money supply. Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is just digital resources that act as a means of exchange that the government cannot control. Decentralization means that no central authority can control or influence the quality of cryptocurrency.
  15. I think a country government is living with taxes paid by its citizens. Cryptocurrency payments are a monopoly of banks and governments.And the main problem with governments is that people transfer currencies and pay less taxes than banks, which is the main reason why people secure their taxes from the government and the government, because their profits will not be increased. Bitcoin can solve many economic problems.
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